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obscur storage vest with a beer can cage too. The beer can thing is pretty wacky. 

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Originally Posted by bdude View Post

Could it be that sans Deepti, Carol ain't that creative anymore?


he can probably do like a slimmed down greatest hits from 2000-2010 and people would eat it up like ...

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Does anyone know what kind of treatment Poell's leather jackets go through? Especially the CORS leather? I've only tried on a Poell bison jacket, but the CORS seems to have a waxed/glossy finish, and i'm guessing it's not just because it's horse leather. Both KALB and ROOMS also seem to have this finish.

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Treatments are basically the R&D cost for these sorts of brands alongside experimental pattern making -- so doubt anyone really knows exactly. But if I'm wrong, curious to know as well smile.gif
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Yeah definitely! But i also just want to know what the CORS feels like, as i've only seen it on pictures. I'm guessing it's also a pretty high gloss leather in real life right? 

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I think it's because of the hand polishing that's done that the leather comes out with the waxy/glossy finish.
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i forget but someone was looking for a top down pic of my ccp, check spoiler
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