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I'm also really interested the Deepti stuff. I can't wait for some of it to start being posted up for bragging purposes here so I can ask detailed questions. Darklands has it but in store only so I can't zoom in and see all the gritty details like I usually do. Chrome, view resources, images gets you the native, massive image size in a window.
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^^ my source is the instagram feed of project 3.14. Some beautiful deepti pieces in there
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Ya I know. I follow them too but IG sucks for resolution if you really wanna know what a texture or detail is like. I picked up a pair of heavy texture wool trousers from Lentrian. All of their wool comes in 3 meter batches made in Morocco that take a day to weave (per 3m). They're heavy as hell and lined. I'll be wearing them a lot once the real east coast winter drops.
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Originally Posted by t3hg0suazn View Post


 this has your name on it. the devoa sold out for a reason icon_gu_b_slayer%5B1%5D.gif

Length looks longer than the listed 78 cm or is it just me?
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Partial X-Post:

A couple of recent pickups:

CCP Breadstick trousersPM/2414 LAICO/10 (cotton + wool).
The material is no longer available (maybe it will come back).
Got them at Lift a couple of weeks ago. Really happy with the fit!

CCP high-neck short coat. OM/2553B ROR-EDGE/10 (ramie + wool).
Color IRL is a blend of black, navy blue and dark gray (not the same as the pics).

This was a special order and took about 9 months. Well worth the wait!
Special thanks to the guys at PNP for working with me on this. Their customer service is simply superb!
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that fabric on the trousers does look pretty perfect. How is the weight? Are they thin enough for all season wear? 

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if that's the pair I tried at Lift, it is perfect spring/fall weight, not too thick or thin. nice crispness and superb fit that gives the ccp look
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In case anybody is after some perfect CCP WIM/10 breads in sz50....SOLD

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The LAICO pants are exactly how t3hg0suazn describes them. Really like them!

I am actually enjoying the ROR-EDGE coat more. Just wondering how it will fade over time.
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Had my LAICO breadstick trousers taken in. Tailor did a fantastic job.


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Originally Posted by GarleyCavidson View Post

Had my LAICO breadstick trousers taken in. Tailor did a fantastic job.


which areas were taken in from the stock fit? They are pretty slim already, yes? 

I often have my trousers slimmed from the mid thigh down but the fit pics I've seen at Darklands etc made these look pretty tight fitting for size all the way to the obligatory matching CCP un-tuckablely slim boot shaft. 

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