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WTB these also if anyone has them size 50 or larger....:slayer:any of the titanium gloves....




Also, anyone in the market for a scar or vest bag, darklands is holdin'

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Even though I would only personally go for 010, Sissy rocks those colors. In the past he used a much wider pallet, but today its pure color.  I love how his current approach to color is like a hammer to the face, Primaries and secondaries. It's an approach that I'm sure he didn't invent, but it seems to be catching on with other designers in his realm of influence, BBS in particular has been hitting the primaries really hard the past couple years, blue most recently I think.


Anyways, CCP COLOR-WHEEL COMMENCE..............


















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@MISCHIEF NIGHT i agree CCP colors are always vibrant. I love his red and blue. I have also seen orange bison boots (my eyes are still burning) and the color was really nice. I would never wear such bright shit but its refreshing to see that.
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Yes definitely agree on all points, for me it's the red that really appeals to my taste, but same as you've said, there's just, no , way I could do it lol. I think the red works best as people pointed out a few pages back, when it's paired with an all black look, then it really jumps out.


Seal looks great in the yellow imo, I just feel personally that when you are a ghost like myself, darker tones work better, he's got that rich skin tone that really looks great with bright vibrant clothes.

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Gimme a shout if you're in the market for these, or, you know, pay twice the amount and wait a year, you know the deal lol


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Whoa. Is that a functional grailed link?
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Originally Posted by jpc9 View Post

Whoa. Is that a functional grailed link?

lets see how long it takes for it to be taken down
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lol you guys are cold blooded, I'll take it down myself

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Nah we aren't there is a sitewide rule not to post direct links to grailed per SF owner.
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I figured as much and just deleted it. There's been a lot of understandable push back against that site, but at the same time, is it really all that different from ebay?

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Originally Posted by MISCHIEF NIGHT View Post

I figured as much and just deleted it. There's been a lot of understandable push back against that site, but at the same time, is it really all that different from ebay?

Sites don't really matter - the rule is that the only listings you can post (of your own product) have to be SF-hosted. And you still can't spam them. Very much a fine line, play-by-play kinda thing. 

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understood, didn't mean to come across as spam, I saw a few previous posts where people cited things they had for sale, neglected to notice it was through SF.


Nice avatar BTW, what ever happened to there being a live action movie in the works?

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added a few more.

similarly selling:

= IC: Carol Christian Poell BRUCH suit grey - size 48 brand new $1750 =

Amazing CCP suit from 2013 made of a cotton poly blend called BRUCH in a beautiful grey color. The fabric is very dry to the touch and also rigid in a very nice way. The suit has never been worn and is brand new [button hold in jacket is still stitched].

However, I had a tailor alter the pants in the waist to take them out, which can be done again. Only selling this because it's sadly too small for me. I believe it fits someone who is a 46 or a slim 48.

Selling as a set instead of individually. Does NOT come with rice bag and hanger.

Pants Measurements:
waist: 16.5
inseam: 33
hem: 7

Jacket Measurements:
shoulder: 16
pit to pit: 18.5
shoulder to sleeve end: 26.5

[url] [/url]

= Carol Christian Poell '96-'97 Black Wool Trousers size 50 $200=

A collector's item for CCP. These black pants are made of 90% virgin wool and 10% poly and are in amazing condition given their age. I wore these pants like once since I purchased them and have since been in a smoke-free home hanging in my closet.

They're a slim cut and in great condition - I haven't noticed any defects.

Pants Measurements:
waist: 16.5
inseam: 29.5
hem: 7

[url] [/url]

= Carol Christian Poell bison high neck - size 48 - $3200 =

Original high neck from 2010, purchased from Lazzari when CCP actually made new designs. This isn't a re-order, but a piece that was produced for the actual collection. Worn a number of times when I received it and, again, has been shelved due to my increasing wardrobe.

The jacket is color 19 in a dark beautiful gray color. Leather is thick and heavy. Comes with original bag, tags, and hanger.

= IC: Original Carol Christian Poell s/s07 black overlock calf - size 48 =

One of the ultimate grails that was the turning point for Carol Christian Poell's stylistic direction that we're all very familiar with. This is the one piece that made me lust after CCP after seeing the original Atelier photos of the jacket. This is NOT a reissue but the original issue from that season, which is nearly 10 years old at this point, but still holds up incredibly well.

This jacket includes a very soft and supple calf leather [CHEW], overlocked stitching, mesh lining, and overdyed black. There are a few superficial nicks in the leather [captured in the photos] and some white discoloration around the collar - not sure where it came from, but i feel like it can be removed somehow.

Fantastic condition and worn a handful of times. Comes with bag, tags, not the original hanger.
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