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Tie Room review (Notch neckties)

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I just received three ties from, and I am very pleased. Tie Room is what I hoped TheTieBar would be: inexpensive, stylish, quality ties. All three ties are silk, and they are much better than low-end silk ties from TheTieBar or cheapo department store brands. They have a good thickness, a relaxed drape, and they tie a beautiful four-in-hand knot (don't be put off by the dimple-less knots on the website). Tie Room names their ties, and I bought these three: Ike, Hakon, and Whitaker. Here is the Whitaker, which I am wearing today:




This is Ike, which I tried on yesterday:




As you can see, they don't have the garish shine that afflicts so many cheap ties, but they are still obviously silk. The Ike is definitely shinier than the Whitaker, but it is still subtle, especially from a distance. Some of their ties are much shinier, but it seems that the website photos do a good job of conveying the level of sheen on each tie. They also move freely and hang straight, avoiding the stiffness or twisting of many cheap ties. They really blow TheTieBar out of the water, especially at the multi-buy price of $24/tie with free shipping.


I do have two criticisms:

1) Length. These ties are 59" long, which is just barely short enough for me to be able to tie a FIH knot. If you have a short torso or wear your pants high on your waist, you may not be able to wear these ties with a FIH knot. The ties are rather thick, which mitigates the length to an extent by creating a thicker knot.

2) The tips have some very gauche branding:



I would not want that to fall onto a conference table during an important client meeting; it is way too cute. I am considering taking a black sharpie to that ridiculous green circle.


Other than those two criticisms, I think that these are great ties, worthy of a true iGent on a budget. I haven't tried any of their linen or wool ties, but there are some reviews of these on various #menswear blogs:


DISCLAIMER: I do not personally have a vast knowledge of ties. I have many cheap-ass ties from TheTieBar and Century 21, I have tried on some overpriced ties at Brooks Brothers, and I own three Sam Hober grenadines. I do not have any expensive/SF-approved silk ties besides these grenadines, so I can't compare these to Kent Wang 6-folds, Capellis, etc. Tie Room ties are not as good as the Sam Hober grenadines, but they are a lot better than the cheap-ass TieBar and Century 21 ties. I would put them in the same league as Brooks Brothers, and better than many of the ties found there. I am a non-millionaire (also non-billionaire) SF member trying to build a basic tie wardrobe without going broke.

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I just ordered a couple of their knit ties, and I'm pleasantly surprised. This is my first successful foray into knits; I've bought some $10 silk knits from Century 21 before, but they ended up going right to Goodwill without being worn. I'm actually excited to wear these.



Also, I should mention that I once had to return two ties to TieRoom because of small defects. Their customer service was excellent and prompt. They exchanged one tie for a different model and replaced the other, and they sent the new ties before they even received the old ones in the mail. That's another important point in their favor for the entry-level iGent.

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