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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post
I heard a zoologist talk about this one time. He said that in a cage environment it would be close but in nature, a gorilla would easily win. He said the gorilla's intelligence would give it a huge tactical advantage in planning an attack. The grizzly's weakness is a much softer skull that could not take a swing from a gorilla. A gorilla could disorient it with a single swing and it would be over pretty quick. The gorilla's skin is also tough enough to withstand initial claw attacks.

Originally Posted by JLibourel View Post
^Speaking as a long-ago professor of ancient history, I think it's very unlikely the Romans would have had access to polar bears. The bears used by the Romans weren't exactly "grizzlies," that term being reserved for the North American race of the holarctic brown bear. When I was young, the Eurasian brown bear was classified as Ursus arctos and the grizzly was Ursus horribilis. Now the grizzly is considered merely a subspecies of Ursus arctos. However, the fact is that the European brown bear is smaller than the grizzly and considerably less aggressive. As I remarked earlier in this thread, some think this is because the biggest, baddest bears got themselves killed off over the centuries. The East Asian races of Ursus arctos are much bigger, tougher and more grizzly-like. The Ussuri brown bear is sometimes called the "black grizzly" because of its dark pelage. It is thought to be ancestral to the inland grizzly of North America, while the costal brown bears of Alaska are more closely related to the Kamchatka brown bear. An Ussuri brown bear was responsibe for the most terrifying bear attack in modern history. It occurred on the island of Hokkaido, where on consective nights in December, 1915 the bear, despite having been wounded a couple of times, raided neighboring farmhouses and killed seven people and injured three others. It was subsequently tracked down and killed. It was suspected of having killed three women earlier.

The most formidable animal in the Roman arena was the black rhinoceros. The aurochs and the brown bear were no match for it.

I'm not sure the gorilla is a great deal more intelligent than the grizzly. The latter is a highly intelligent animal. I'd still put my money on a grizzly over a gorilla. Of course size might play a role in it. I don't think the biggest, toughest gorilla that ever walked (not counting King Kong) would have a chance against a 1,500-pound coastal brown. A 450-pound bull gorilla vs. a 350-pound mountain grizzly--well, maybe then the gorilla just might prevail.

Had the zoologist been smoking some weed.

We're talking gorillas and not Mike Tyson ( there is a difference, I think ).

It's not like the gorilla would have a trainer and a fight strategy. It would be more a battle of size and ferocity and the bear wins.

Of course, here is the fiercest animal of them all:

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The Nuge vs Dick Cheney.
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Still going to pull for the gorilla.
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Don't see how anyone could pick the gorilla. A large male gorilla is 1/3 the size of an averaged sized male polar bear.
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^^Were talking grizzlies though, which are slightly smaller. But they do have claws and sharp teeth.
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what about spiked brass knuckles for the gorilla?
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silverback has my vote
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