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World business section picture of today's nytimes

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For those who have seen this elegantly attired man two questions: a: What is unusual? b: Is it deliberate (and why)? koji
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Looks to me like an unbuttoned, button-down shirt. I would believe it to be deliberate. Didn't Gianni Agnelli also do this at times? Jeff
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also with the wristwatch: go to i tried posting the image, but i think might not allow outside links. /andrew
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I do not get the paper version of the NY Times, and it may be that we are referring to different pictures. I can see the picture shown in the link you posted, Andrew. The bottom picture shows Mr. Agnelli wearing his large watch over his shirt cuff. He was quite well known for doing this. I was referring to this picture of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, the new Chairman, found on the NY Times website here: Jeff
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To quote from the article: 'With his flowing hair, double-breasted suits and button-down shirts worn unbuttoned, he seems cast in the same stylish mold as Giovanni Agnelli. Like his mentor, he has combined business ascendancy with the reputation in his youth as something of a playboy. His marriage to Ludovica Andreoni is his third. And like all serious Italian tycoons, he has a close interest in a soccer club - he is vice chairman of the club in Bologna, his hometown - in addition to the Fiat-owned Juventus team.'
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Yes indeed it's unbuttoned, but there's more to it.... koji
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Are you referring to his very square, loose four in hand knot with several dimples? Very nice touch. To ponitficate: there are only 2 rules to looking cool (or stylish, or confident, or elegant, or whatever word your style tribe chooses.) 1) Don't sweat the small stuff, don't care too much, 2) If you can't do (1), at least strive towards it. A guy on which everything very obviously matches is not a very cool guy. Very put together, maybe. But anal retentive as all hell.
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Agnelli in his photos favored white Brooks shirts. His successor's shirt is not white and the collar appears too short and too spread to be Brooks. Is this what you mean?
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koji, STYLESTUDENT has hit on the nub of this - why on earth are you being so cryptic? Are you trying to drive hits to that article as the entire styleforum breathlessly ponders what immensely complex meaning you may have derived from the man's suit-shirt-tie combo? Just spit it out, man.
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Let's try this riddle again. Thracozaag likes Neopolitan. Marinella tie tied in a Windsor knot?
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Haha, no...actually I noticed on his working buttonholes on his suit sleeve (right) he left one undone...probably to match the unbuttoned collar on the shirt (I think Barbera does this too). koji
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In every picture I can remember of Agnelli, he always wore his watch on the outside of his sleeve. If I recall correctly, the reason for this is so that he could easily read the time without the hassle of moving the sleeve. Personally, I rather like my watch on the inside of my sleeve; it is a welcome surprise every time it pops out . Luckily, Agnelli never wore a F. P. Journe, because they would have been wasted on him. Jon.
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The perils of the internet... Not that I'd have caught it anyhow, but in the online phot you can't see the suit sleeve. Sigh...
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i've known about leaving the last jacket-sleeve button undone for a while now - i do it myself on a really casual khaki sportsjacket from eddie bauer. i think i actually read about it first in the roetzel book. (he's also got a good picture of agnelli in there; but i don't think there's any mention of the unbuttoned buttondown - i could be wrong.) some may say it's an affectation. i like to think it's just another detail expressive of nonchalant elegance. /andrew
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I deal with Italian companies, and among younger execs who favor the typical tight shirt cuffs, it's common to see either the watch worn over the cuff, or (with metal bracelet watches) the bracelet adjusted very loose and hanging like a woman's bracelet. BTW, these same guys wear lots of olive suits, lotsa tan dress shoes, and pants about an inch shorter than any American would So was not just Agnellii. It's an Italian thing.
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