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I wonder how many people just read "Hey Guys," and immediately scrolled down to the pictures.

Nice pics.
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Wow I was pretty set on the derby jacket but you probably changed my mind.

Why does synth make everything look so good.

If I did go for the derby would I be able to adjust the sleeve or shoulder ?
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Hey @Synthese, do you mind putting a photo with the jacket zipped up? The bicep area seems it needs some slimming based on the photo.
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Still looks like a biker jacket (a nice one) but I guess that's what people want
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Originally Posted by nyarkies View Post

Hey @Synthese, do you mind putting a photo with the jacket zipped up? The bicep area seems it needs some slimming based on the photo.

Sure. If there are other photos that people want to see, let me know and I can probably take a few more.
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@Synthese--photos look great!  You may want to try a size M when the final pattern comes through.  When we patterned these, we thought the L would be for guys about 20 lbs. heavier than you....however, we definitely get a good "feel" for the design with these photos...

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Wow that jacket looks great Synth.  Slim the sleeves a touch and I'm sold.


Is there a summary post somewhere in this thread or would somebody mind giving the cliff notes real quickly??  

....i dunno how i missed this thread for so long.  Important info..... preorders - when/how/where?  price?  availability?  sizing appears to be being tweaked still, correct? (i read back through the previous 10 pages or so)

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Synth looks great, and (I think) really sums up why a smaller shoulder is great- it'll bring in the bicep by decreasing the armhole, and you can already see how it looks overextended.

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Though, it sounds like Synth is supposed to get a M? Would be nice to give it to someone who would normally take a L. I don't know if Synth's jacket just looks the way it does because it's not the right size.
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I think the L would look perfect on synth with the adjusted shoulder measurements. It looks like a pretty ideal fit right now.
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Are the sleeve zippers supposed to be on the front of the sleeve? Just wondering if that was a conscious expectation of the design. IMO, it might look better with the zips on the side (or back) of the sleeve, but that's just me. Feel free to ignore said advice.
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Hey Guys,

Fok sent the prototype of the SF x Vanson x Thurston Bros. double-rider jacket (there’s a mouthful) my way about two weeks ago, and it was supposed to accompany me on a sort of bizarre trip through Sweden. It was all set to arrive well before I left the country - and then USPS happened. Briefly, through a confluence of incompetences, it was lost; when I took my delivery slip to the post office, the matter-of-fact ladies told me it was nowhere to be found (this was after I’d driven there a second time - the first time, the truck was “running late”) - they thought maybe it could be because there was a “substitute mailman” (the mind boggles) who had done…something…on the delivery date; the substitute mailman either didn’t remember - or, more likely - had no idea what anyone was talking about. At any rate, the jacket didn’t make it to Sweden, and I consider it very lucky that it showed up four or five days later as though nothing had happened. My girlfriend opened the package while I was away, and I could almost hear her nose turning up when she texted me that it “smells like leather.” It does. Very strongly. 

Anyway, I’ve finally gotten a chance to come back and play dress-up for a while, and I think that most people are going to appreciate the changes that have already been suggested. Even on my 6’1, gibbon-armed frame, the sleeves are a touch long - they would be perfect if I owned a motorcycle, although as my only engagement with people on motorcycles is getting frustrated when old people on Goldwings drive really slowly in the left lane, some shortening would be good. Same goes for the revised shoulder measurements - a 19.5” shoulder is generally what I look for in things that fit me, and the measurement is definitely “right” for my body. But the excess material in the shoulder gives the jacket a boxier shape, and also has the effect of creating a large armhole - not a bad thing at all, but, as Fuuma has already pointed out, this is a fashion jacket for people who are going to be sitting around in it drinking overpriced coffee. Right now it looks very much like a biker jacket. 

Okay, other stuff to note: The leather (z150) is serious business. I have no desire to go up in weight. It’s stiff, it’s thick, and I desperately want to see what it looks like in a year or two (I mean, we’ve seen, but, like, I want to see). The construction reflects that: the seams are thick, the zippers are heavy, and I would be interested in shaking the hand of the sewing machine responsible for the work. If you are looking for supple, baby’s-bottom lamb leather, look elsewhere, because Wilson’s leather this is not. It is excellent. I love the way you can grab it and squeeze it and sort of mold it into place the way you like. Really, really cool. So is the bicep pocket, and so is my favorite detail, which is the angled interior pocket on the left side (there’s a standard pocket on the inside right). I like pockets. A lot.

Overall, the jacket, as it stands, is cool in the way that the Terminator is cool, or that power metal is cool (it is). It’s going to be even cooler. Did I mention how great the leather is? Can you imagine how it’s going to cord around you elbows and crease at the places where you tug the collar up at night? How the leather at the cuffs will dull from years and years of use? Picture it now: custom fit, custom patch, custom liner - we’re going to be like the kids in “Stress” before Justice got, like, totally irrelevant. No - cooler than that. Or maybe high-octane living isn’t your style. Maybe you’ll own it for forty years and walk down the same street to the cafe every morning; you’ll pull a well-worn scarf around your neck when it’s cold, and the only battle you’ll do is with the paper and a cappuccino. Regardless of what sort of scraps you think you might find yourself in, this is going to be a jacket that’ll have your back for a very long time. I can’t wait to see the final product.

I took lots and lots (and lots) of pictures, and have included a similar number of photos below:















I also gave it the Shiba Test (the most important test):
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

The other one was not impressed (she is never impressed) with my endless preening, and chose to sleep on her favorite toy instead:


Great writeup. I really like the way it looked on you as is. But do agree there is extra leather in shoulders.
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How does it looked crumpled on the floor of spacepope's apartment? That's the real test.
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Originally Posted by nyarkies View Post

Hey @Synthese, do you mind putting a photo with the jacket zipped up? The bicep area seems it needs some slimming based on the photo.

The arms will appear a lot slimmer one they are shortened.  That's a pretty common illusion when the arms are overly long and the shoulders a bit big.  Also, slimming the arms any more will 1) throw off the balance, and 2) If you wear a knit underneath, and the arms are anyt slimmer, then will be blood pressure test tight, and  3)@Synthese may be, as Thurston already commented, either in a size larger than he needs, or between sizes.


Please keep all of that in mind.  

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Also, sleeves will come up about 1/2"-1" after it is broken in.
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