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Edward Green

There’s a famous quote from some sartorial maven who wears nothing but bespoke shoes that his favorite off-the-rack shoes are Edward Green – he claims they have a certain elegance to their lasts that’s hard to beat. And who can blame him? They might be pricey, but Edward Green footwear is imbued with a certain indescribable elegance that’s difficult to pin down but impossible to deny.




I don’t really remember what A.P.C. stands for – I barely ever write it as an abbreviation – but there’s a reason that the A.P.C. thread is almost a thousand pages long, and the brand ahs a presence on the forum since the early days of StyleForum yore. It’s simple, and it’s basic, but it’s hard to do basic well, and A.P.C. does it in spades.




On the other end of the English shoe spectrum – although, admittedly, still better than like all but 10 American brands – is Loake. Rugged and classic to the same extent that Edward Green is elegent, Loake spans the spectrum from trendy #menswear to boots ready for the yearly fox hunt.