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This Comme Des Garcons jacket looks really nice. It's from singapore which always makes me think of fakes, but i'm not good at telling, and there are a ton of other positive feedback. You never know though. Not that i'm going to buy it but just thought it looked lovely.
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Quite a deal on my second favorite jacket in the Aero line:
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Cheap NWT EG Shirt. Not a big fan of these particular colours , otherwise i would have bought it.
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This one is so out there I'm not even sure if I dislike it or not.
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I'd need to tone it done with a jacket or something to make it even thinkable to wear. Makes me dizzy looking at it. At least, they got the pattern matching down pretty well.
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Which one of you assholes bid against me on this? It still didn't meet the reserve, so I wonder how the seller will work that out. Hopefully he'll re-list it. I really wanted it though. Looking back, I should have bid more, but I ran out of time. Bidding at the last second screwed me over again!
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Damn, how did I miss that?
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EG Shirt Jacket. Seller says it's Japan only...
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Someone might find this interesting-
Only a few hours to go and still really cheap. I don't know how I'd wear it or else I'd bid.
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too big for me, prob a medium/large...but looks nice i think...
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From an ebayer who no longer needed them, two pair of Bostonian Crown Windsor Shell cordovans that fit so fine!
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