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Wearing EG

Back in the early days of StyleForum (think 2005), Engineered Garments was literally everyoe’s favorite brand, and people wearing baggy surplus chinos and wool Bedfords were as common as well… something that’s very common. Today, Engineered Garments has waned a bit – there’s a bigger crowd wearing Geller and Ervell – but there are still some diehards who rock the shit out of Daiki’s dream of Americana. Peep this thread.


Food = Happy


StyleForum posters spend a lot of time complaining – their mailman vindictively destroyed their gravel driveway, their Margiela boots aren’t worth the retail price, their bespoke suit looks like rumpled sackcloth worn by debtors as they’re dragged to prison in Victorian England, etc. and so on ad infitium. But there’s nuggets of happiness inside even the most brutal StyleForum poster, and they’re often associated with food. This thread has everything you need. 




It’s tough for a new denim brand to break into the marketplace, and to succeed they usually have to have some sort of gimmick – whacky fabrics, really cheap prices (and shoddy quality) – but rarely a new high-end competitor emerges. One of the most enduring, and popular, of the last several years is 3Sixteen, a streetwear brand that transformed itself into a purveyor of excellently produced denim with universally flattering fits.