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This thread is devoted to one of the most controversial garments in modern menswear: the manskirt. Complaining about the death of black tie and the rise of too-short sportcoats pales in comparison to the furor generated by a discussion of the appropriateness of men’s skirts. Personally, if Rick Owens can do it on the runway, why can’t Arnold your cubicle mate? 




StyleForum posters will obsess and wig out over most anything, and the movement follows a set path. First is a general appreciation, then the beginning of specialization, and before long we’re down the rabbit hole, where people are scoring $1,000 bottles of Scotch and trading them back and forth like Magic: The Gathering duallands circa 1997. This thread is the beer version of this.


Sales Help


In our tradition of helping wayward posters begging for career advice, we come to this thread: how can you break into the menswear retail business while staying ethical? I’m not sure what ethics has to do with (I don’t know how ethical my Brooks Brothers sales associate is) but pleas help!