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This seems an appropriate place to put this - is anyone watching Alone on History?


Yes. I watched the first season as it aired, watching season 2 now. Season 1 was the real opportunity to grab $500K. It will be much harder to win this time around, or at least it should be. Participants have the luxury of seeing the mistakes/strategies during season 1, and there's more experience among them. Each season should, in theory, be more difficult to win - assuming skill levels remain the same and it stays on Vancouver Island.

I'd like to see a change of scenery but I imagine picking a location is difficult. The environment needs to be harsh enough to prevent the show from lasting too long (even with heavy editing), but sustainable enough to allow participants to survive for a reasonable amount of time. You almost certainly need the threat of wild animals to drive ratings. Rattle snakes won't cut it, but brown bear country is probably out of the question.

Looks like they're carrying Kelty Red Cloud 110s (could also be the 90 liter pack).
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I believe this is a Canadian production so they were limited to Canada. The weather is a real killer, but had they shot in a more hospitable area they still be there as you say. The other area that comes to mind is Labrador. The black files there would drive them screaming from the bush.

There's talk of them going to Patagonia next season.

Certainly does help having seen S1 - gill net, axe, saw, ferrio, cordage and extra food. That leaves 4 items for fun.

Side note - I'm up at my camp and just saw a Fisher. Rare sighting and my first.

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Went for a little hike this weekend, just an eight mile or so loop. Loaded up my day pack (Greggory Z30) with some baguette, cheese, meats, and an ice cold bottle of rose (Lie Dets) using my roll up ground blanket to keep the bottle cold. Hung my Kelty Noah's 12 tarp off the bottom of the pack. We found a nice place a ways off the marked trail and it took me all of 10 minutes to have us nicely protected from the sun, sitting comfy on the ground blanket, and could enjoy a nice snack out in the boonies.

Very pleasant.
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