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Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer View Post
^^ Did you see any raptors up there? It's been a while since I've been up there but I remember seeing lots of golden eagles wafting through the currents at the Pinnacle.

There's a raptor sanctuary a few miles off trail. I did not see any, but it is a little cold this time of year. I expect they fled for warmer climes.
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Nice pics, Harvey.

Hope to get some shots of these Indian grinding holes in the next few weeks.
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Yesterday at church I was asked to serve as the scoutmaster of our church's BSA troop. So I guess I'll be going camping and backpacking a little more often than I have been. Excellent.

No pedo jokes, kthx.
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Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer View Post
That's somewhere along the way to Elizabeth Lake, no? I think I was there in 1999.

Of all my travels, I've not seen beauty that can top GNP.

Yep, Elizabeth Lake. Beautiful. My favorite lake is Helen Lake (or Lake Helen?). Such a sense of finality about the place. Really amazing.
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I was going to go do some quick and dirty day hiking in the North Cascades ... but it looks like there's a storm front headed in, and with the snow level dropping down to well below the elevation of my intended destination this weekend, it looks like maybe I waited a week too long. Hiking backcountry in snow is something I'm neither equipped, nor trained to do. A friend of mine went up last week, and it looked like this: I'm definitely going to have to go next year.
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Beautiful pics.
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Also on my short list - same general area:

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I was planning on getting out this weekend. Then somebody mentioned that it's the opening weekend of the deer hunt. I'm going to clean out the garage instead.
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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim View Post
Also on my short list - same general area:

Where is this?
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Originally Posted by roundheadlights View Post
Where is this?

Hidden Lake fire lookout.
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I'll be gone for a long dayhike tomorrow enjoying all of the fall foliage from the highest peak in the Catskills.
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I'm about to jindabomb the fuck out of this place
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Went on a very long hike yesterday in the Catskills planning to ascend three of its peaks, but unfortunately, do to some excruciating pain in my knee we only did two. Kaaterskill Falls Above the cloudline 3,980ft Lunch on the trail
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I've just been invited on a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving week. I'm really looking forward to this! Pics to follow...
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