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Ladies’ Choice


StyleForum is clearly male-centric – there’s an occasional female poster, but they’re few and far between, and don’t stick around particularly long – and along with an interest in men’s clothing, some posters also have opinions on how women should dress. Thus, this thread: a journey into the intricacies of female fashion based on lots of random internet blog posts.


Guitar Gear


This thread is all about guitar gear, a subject I know very little about. From amps to pedals, from other guitar things (I don’t really know their names), this thread has it all! Spoiler alert: some of them are very vintage and very expensive. 


Neapolitan Bespoke


My favorite StyleForum posters are those where a poster embarks on a sartorial journey and decides to share their travels through pictures and anecdotes. This thread follows forum affiliate Gianni Cerutti – his ties are pretty nice, no lie – as he commissions unique and stylish bespoke pieces with a new Neopolitan tailor.