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Comment on my suit please

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Hi, I recently purchased a cheap tailor made suit in Shanghai. It's the first suit I've got made and I'm not 100 % satisfied with the result. As I am new to classic mens wear as well as to this forum I'd like your opinions on this. I'm sure these guys can make baller suits as long as they're provided with precise instructions.

This guy had no sense of style or fits so I tried to instruct him properly but as you can see. Something went wrong. Ideas? I am early 20's, well built and I want a stylish suit that makes my shoulders look narrower and looks fresh, but classic.

I still have some time and money to spend before I leave da shang so any ideas is welcomed. Here goes...

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I'm sorry. It looks like the measurement is all wrong. If you haven't mentioned it, that looks like an off-the-rack suit one size too big for you. I strongly suggest you take everything back and tell the tailor to give you a suit that is cut for you.
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Especially egregious are the sleeves.
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I'm not even gonna bring this back home, it's not worth the space it takes up in my suitcase. If you have some experience instructing taylors please list some DO's and DONT's when making a suit. Some links to great suits would also be appreciated, preferrably pics that make copying possible welcome to china
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how much did that cost?
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100 Usd
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Yeah, leave it.
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The front chest part near your shoulder has weird folds in it, is this the mysterious "drape" i've been hearing about? The suit has weird folds everywhere really, a really good example of a suit that doesn't fit well. IMO you need to ditch the tailor and find a new one, cause this guy clearly doesn't have a clue!
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I dunno. Maybe throw it in the dryer, and hope it shrinks? You're planning on throwing it away anyway, so you've got nothing to lose. Do they have things like Goodwill or Salvation Army there?
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100 usd ? Even if the most remote part orf North Korea ,you cannot find a decent suit for that price!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leave it there or wear it when you're cruising the local McDo...
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one or two sizes too large. the bloke that sold you that suit is a criminal. bin it. learn from it. you shouldn't have to be precise with a tailor to get a decent result. but, you should provide a description (a picture if you like) of the look you want to help him see yourself as you want to see yourself. he should improve it for you from there. also, best to button the middle button and maybe the top button on that suit. you shouldn't button the bottom button (unless it's cold and you have to sacrifice look for comfort. he he).
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Keep the vest and pants and have the latter altered. Don't wear them together, and you might be able to recoup something off eBay if you decide to auction.
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Seems a bit too large, can u get ur money back ??
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Can you button the top two buttons please. that might give me a better indication.

it certainly looks too large. particularly in the sleeves, shoulders and chest. but i do like the idea of the suit just wasn't executed well.
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That tailor certainly doesn't scrimp on fabric

At that price I'd wear it for gardening, will look awesome tucked in to a pair of green wellingtons.
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