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Wings + Horns - - - Fall / Winter 2014

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F/W14 Lookbook on Hypebeast:




Quilted flight/bomber jacket looks ill. It seems that tweed will be back in a few pieces which is dope, love the tweed westpoints from last season. And cuffed pants/joggers in the fray. I don't know if it's just the model, but there looks to be some baggier fits in the pants as well. Maybe those are the tokyo pant though, I don't know.

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I like. Not huge on the ankle elastic though.
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Collection looks weak to me. I also read that they were reworking/retroing pieces from the original W+H collection, which in my opinion was complete garbage.

Easy pass for me. Not that I care too much - AMI absolutely killed FW14 and that's where I plan on spending my money this year.

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That AMI collection looks great!
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I'm just hoping they re release this jacket from the original Wings & Horns collection and I will be set.


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Looks a bit weak..

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Feel like the w + h outwear collection is hitting it out of the park-would gladly take any of these, in addition to the coveted fishtail from last winter, which I'm hoping to see a redo of. Whoa.


EDIT: Hold the phones. *This* just appeared.

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