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Curated Classic Menswear


The What Are You Wearing Today thread in the Classic Menswear forum is StyleForum ground zero – it’s been around forever, and is the starting point for many new posters. You browse through, you eventually man up and contribute your own pictures, you get feedback, the cycle continues. But occasionally there’s a desire for a more curated experienced – where only extremely awesome outfits are posted. Thus, this thread, where every picture has to meet a twenty thumbs up (think Facebook likes, but less awful) threshold. 


Hat Team


Sometimes – in a magical moment – a group of StyleForum posters will come together, and of their own volition with no participation from forum management – organized a group buy. And here’s a great example of this: this thread about coming together to place a wholesale order for a simple wool hat from Ebbet’s Fields Flannels.


French Tailoring

This thread is literally the proof that anyone would ever need that StyleForum is awesome. It’s chock full of information about an extremely esoteric – yet amazing – tailoring niche, French tailoring. Led by experienced posters, full of great pictures. What more could you want?