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I'm an idiot and bought a used Beaufort off ebay and now I'm concerned that it might be a counterfeit item. The following is a list of concerns I have with the jacket I bought, along with photos. It's really weird though - outside of these details, the jacket seems to be completely real - down to the dot on the zipper (above the barbour)


Is anyone on here an expert who can tell me if my concerns are founded? I also understand that it is possible this jacket is just an older model.

1. No hidden zip "wallet pocket" I have looked for this feature and it is simply missing
Inline image 1
2. Lack of zipper for optional liner. Again, it is simply not there
Inline image 3Inline image 2
3. the "handwarmer" pockets do not seem to be lined with moleskin. This I'm not 100% on - but they don't seem too be that soft?
Inline image 4


4. The front right pocket is not embroidered with Barbour

Inline image 5

5. there is no option to attach a liner with buttons above the label
Inline image 6

However, other than these details, the jacket seems to be authentic. The buttons look correct and the label looks authentic.