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Do you live near a brick & mortar location? I would imagine they'd have free returns in-store.

I'm probably going to pick up one of those double-layer t-shirts, maybe one of those cropped patch-pocket blazers. There's a store in Philly, but the men's department has an abysmal selection, so I'll probably just use it as a returns depot for whatever portion of the stuff I get ends up not fitting and/or sucking.
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^ that coat is nice irl and has a good fit.

I will be buying some t's off their new website and will report back on fit. The double t, 3/4 length arm t, slim, etc.
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good call, there are actually a few B&M locations near me. I stopped checking them out 3-4 years ago when I decided I didn't like the direction they were taking, but a lot of the stuff I see on the website looks a lot better than what I last remember seeing in the stores.

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Is there a difference in sizing between the Asian Zaras and US Zaras? Or is everything universal between the reigons?
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I like some of their basics......but sizing is a pian in the ass. I picked up some swim trunks in store in a size large...and keep in mind im a true 32" waist....and had to take them back for an XL. depressing as hell. wink.gif
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Used to like Zara a lot mostly when I didn't know any better. A couple of things I liked have really not aged well; falling apart or faded or losing shape. And maybe I've just had bad luck but the zipper quality is atrocious.
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With their Spanish origins, they've made a mark on Latin American markets. In downtown Montevideo (between Punta Carretas and Pocitios) there were two stores large enough to be considered flagships.

I didn't love what I saw down there, but will be interested to finally check out the website. Thanks for the posting semi-OP.
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If you miss Structure, you'll love Zara.
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Best mall store style wise.
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Originally Posted by Jean-Claude VanDamme View Post

Is there a difference in sizing between the Asian Zaras and US Zaras? Or is everything universal between the reigons?

I'm sure all the sizing measurements are the same, '44L' is '44L' no matter where you are. But availability of certain sizes maybe different to reflect demand in the local markets. I know Zara in Bristol, UK had exactly the same garments as Zara in Beijing, China, but probably more small sizes than the larger sizes.

Availability of certain garment sizes for a given country can be extremely important as Marks & Spencer found out:
"At the same time, Sir Stuart admitted that the company misunderstood the Chinese mainland market, assuming that its experience in Hong Kong could be directly transferred to this market. Therefore, the clothing sizes supplied in Shanghai were based on the Hong Kong sizing, but the smaller sizes rapidly sold out. "We had a screw-up," he said."

Myself, I'm quite a large and tall Englishman, so often I find it difficult to find garments of my size in China. No problem finding '44L' in Bristol, but quite difficult in Xilinhot.
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Tried on a few things at the Zara near me in Philly. Definitely underwhelmed.

The patch-pocket blazer was ok, particularly considering that it's 100% polyester, but the fit was kind of off in the upper back with some weird bunching, and there's this random detail on the bottom hem on the front that bothered me for some reason.

I'm not that crazy about the t-shirts I tried, either. The extra-slim fit in a Large (for them US 40 = Large, and US 38 = Medium) fit pretty well for the most part, but it was kinda short on me at 6'1", and the sleeves on all of the short-sleeve shirts were way shorter than I wanted. The pocket t-shirt, which has a raw neckline, was ok as well, but for some weird reason they divide up the pockets into a pen holder and a normal pocket, like on a workshirt. The double-layer shirt just looked silly, like the bottom layer was a dickey or something.

The colors were nice and all, but I'm probably just gonna pick up a couple of AA tri-blends instead and put the search for a blazer on the back burner for the time being.
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So how are the pants and jeans? Among my favorite things, My Zara cotton/linen pants really hold their own against more expensive brands (Etro, Incotex, etc.), yet I see they only cost about $70-$80 new. With no Zara around, I've been trying to figure out if quality's really hit or miss, and I just got lucky, or if I should just order all my winter stuff from them and be done with it. (Their slim waxed jeans also look slightly inlove.gif).
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Originally Posted by noobizor View Post

So how are the pants and jeans?

No clue. Didn't even look. I've been wearing the same jeans since March, and I'm wearing them until next April. Seven days off to date. No joke. I'm pretty sure they had pants there, but I gave them no attention.
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I think it really helps to see the stuff in person. Some stuff is at atrocious H&M quality but other holds it's own in terms of design/quality for the price. I think next time I'll take a closer look at their denimz as their black waxed slims could be a pretty good starting. I only vaguely remember that the washed stuff looked kinda trashy but all the coated ones did look cool indeed and had decent construction.
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In my experience, the quality is quite awful. Stitiching is quite messy on a lot of basic lines eg loose threads/missed stitches and Zara t-shirts wash badly, losing their shape at lower wash temperatures.


I don't know where they purchase their low quality cotton from but its on par with H&M in terms of fabric quality and construction; you just pay more for the better design.

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