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Lands End ties are really really nice for the money.
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I'd say everything I own I really don't own anything that is the best around. However some of my favs Casual button downs from Gap Fitted Polos from JCrew Belts from Marshalls (my favorite Levis casual belt is from there) Socks whatever is on sale at Marshalls Basketball shorts from Kohls (I like them better than the Nike equivalents)
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GAP T-shirts, Marks and Spencers underwear/socks, Boden suits, Charles Tyrwhitt shirts, Lands End T-shirts/polos.
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I buy a lot of casual clothing from LL Bean. I think the quality to price ratio is the best in the business (and their return policy is excellent).

I'd echo the statement above about Old Navy belts. I have a couple that I've worn regularly for the past 8 or 10 years. They're still going strong.
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YSL shirts,tee-shirts,Church's shoes....
Burlington socks or YSL black socks....
501 Levi's and Hugo Boss scarfs on sales...
Any decent well-fitted suits with a good wool...
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free t-shirts
CT shirts, I actually is not a big believer in expensive dress shirt, maybe becuase I go thorugh a lot dress shirts very quicky
cheap snearkers for workout and walking
30 dollar Guess jeans, again, not a big beliver in $100+ fancy jeans
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Banana Republic goods on sale
Doc Martens
Costco shirts/pants/underwear/etc
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+1 for BR tees and chinos on sale
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Plain T shirts from Uniqlo or gap. I dont think they are good quality. I just wear them as a casual lazy day when I dont give a shit how I look...

Also Polo Khakis and sweat pants and shit...

other then that nothing really..

and lacoste button downs..i went to prep school so what can I say
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"Good enough" is usually relative to your means..... Some things I wear because they are good enough and I can find them on good sale are: Jack Victor pants, socks from wherever if the collor is right, Polos from Jos A banks, Facconable, etc., my laptop bag (durability and convenience over style) and especially cotton shorts for the summer (store brand or J crew kakhi shorts). And then there's the stuff I like that half the people on this forum just consider "good enough" or sub-par... Some TBNY shoes, AE shoes, Some TailorByrd Shirts, Jake Agave Jeans.
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I know "good enough" is relative, but I thought it would be a good way to extract from people stuff that they buy and wear that is affordable and still, well, "good enough."
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A related threat might ask, "How much of your wardrobe do you buy at discount/on Ebay/on sale? I suspect that for a lot of us, the answer is "a lot."
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personally when i buy clothes i don't guage quality by price.

i refuse to believe that some faconnable shirt at $300 is somehow superior to a CK shirt found at for $12 at marshalls. i wont pay 100s for a plain white designer

people throw around this word "quality". quality fabric...what does that really mean?

for ties, suits, shirts, slacks the fabric has to fall correctly. generally this means wool for suits/slacks, silk for ties, and cotton for shirts. it doesnt have to be, because i have some nice micro poly ties that fall perfectly.

my wife tries to justify spending crazy amounts on designer purses by saying "its going to last longer!". true, it might be more durable than some cheap knockoff from chinatown but come think fendi has some type of magic monopoly on durable leather? no one else can make a durable purse?

lets say you buy a white or plain striped designer shirt from marshalls for $15...and lets compare that to some really expensive italian designer shirt ...same design same material. lets say the designer shirt costs $200 bucks. so thats about 13 times more expensive. is your shirt going to last 13 times as long? is this even worth it as you will most likely stain/rip that shirt before the next fashion revolution causes you to ditch it?
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Sheaffer's Blue-Black Ink.
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Originally Posted by clam61 View Post
i refuse to believe that some faconnable shirt at $300 is somehow superior to a CK shirt found at for $12 at marshalls.

Because there isn't any significant difference between them. When you buy products from these two brands, or Armani, or Versace etc., you're paying for prestige, and to an extent fit, but not much else. If quality is a concern, your best best is to look at brands well-respected on this board.
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