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Question about letting shoes "rest" and alternating shoes

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So I wear my shoes for 8 hours a day and then take them off when I come home. Some people where their shoes all day.

If I only wear my shoes 8 hours a day and let them rest 16 hours a day, the ratio of wear to rest is the same as that for someone who wears their shoes all day and let's rest for a night and a day.


So I'm asking is the rest theory because of the assumption of 16 hours of wear? If 16/48 schedule is better than the 8/24 schedule, is a schedule of 16/72 better still?
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I'd say its more a rule if thumb tan a strict calculation. Especially given the rule is usually stated as 'at least a day'. Also given we are talking about dress shoes I would think most people remove them when they get home from work and assuming that the average person has a 16hr work day seems pretty ridiculous.
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Sorry, didn't mean to say people have 16 hour work days. I just meant that some people stay in dress shoes unti bed. My father is a lawyer and did that for my entire childhood. He also had 5 pairs of shoes that he rotated (aside).
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Each of my pair, when taken off, gets rotated out for two straight evenings, regardless of how long I wore them that day. I think the key point is to rotate at least every other day, and each additional day is all the better. Don't overthink it.

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The idea is that shoes absorb a decent amount of sweat over the course of the day, and that if you don't let it dry out, it can have some very poor effects on the leather. It's not an exact ratio, but waiting a day regardless of whether you wear them for 8 hours or 16 hours is probably wise. You can still sweat a fair deal in 8 hours. You also want to give the shoe trees some time to get the leather back into shape as the shoes dry, minimizing creasing. But it's not going to kill your shoes if you occasionally wear them twice in a row, but rotation should be the norm. It's not too hard to do if you have a decent shoe wardrobe.
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Thanks for the info. I guess I just wondered if there was a minimum ratio at all.
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you didn't mention shape and foot wear, but I find each of my shoes has a different way it fits to my foot so I also prefer to rotate becuase if I wear the same shoes for 2-3 days in a row, it starts to hurt my feet in certain spots from the repetitive pressures. (yeah I know, get better fitting shoes)
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I'm starting to approach a two (2) week rotation, but I'm also OCD enough that when I take my shoes off, I have minor panic attacks until shoe trees are inserted. My therapist says I'm getting better, though.
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