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Interview with Niyi Okuboyejo (Tirailleur1) of Post-Imperial - Page 2

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Thank you all for taking the time to read the interview. 
HF accessories and ties are just the beginning. I plan to get into both mens and womenswear sometime in the future. I just preferred to pick a starting point where I can develop my ideas and expand them. There are a few collaborations with some some designers in the pipeline, but they are all in their infancy. Keep watching this space though. I am pretty excited to see where I will be in the next five years. 
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This was a really great interview. It was great finally meeting T a few weeks back. Awesome guy. It is interesting that I have such a different style than T, however his passion for what he does for himself is very inspiring to me in my own way.
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^ What he said.
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Excellent interview guys...
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So many things to love about his interview! It's so great to see that designers are pushing the aesthetic boundaries of classic menswear in a thoughtful manner, all whilst supporting ancient fabric crafts and heritage. There are indeed a lot of young accessory labels emerging, who are simply ordering private label products from renowned European manufacturers and selling the same lines with limited aesthetic thought put in (save for the stamping on of their own logo), so it's very refreshing to see a more design oriented approach! Cannot wait to see more from Niyi and Post-Imperial!

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Great interviews
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Great, great, great.
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I don't always know what all those words mean in that order but this was definitely the most interesting style interview I've ever read.
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