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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red View Post
Digital produces pixels. Film produces grain. For me, it's that simple. They are two fundamentally different media, period.
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LabelKing, I disagree with your sentiments. Technology in all areas has come a long way since the late 60's. As it has been argued, medical advances since the late 60's have changed the course of health care, as well as kept me alive, and my stepfather. Under medical technologies available in the late 60's, I would be dead.

There are other realms that you did not touch (thankfully). Such as law enforcement. Computers in cars help officers find locations faster, get information on people who are potentially dangerous or are wanted/known to be armed/etc, which help to protect you better. To say nothing of the various alternative weapons, advancements in firearms, etc. that have changed the way in which law enforcement is deployed. This is also to say nothing about the advancements in military technology.

It is all good and well that you have an affinity for older technology, but that affinity alone does not PROVE they are superior to newer technology, nor does it serve to dismiss newer technology altogether, which you seem to want to aruge. If this is a gross misintepretation of your thesis, I apologise, and invite you to clarify.

What really matters is what works best for the user. If certain elements of old technology work best for you, fantastic, enjoy! That doesn't mean that those things work best for everyone, nor does it mean they are superior or that newer technology is inferior.
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Noted Leica scholar Erwin Puts's thoughts:

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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Noted Leica scholar Erwin Puts's thoughts: http://imx.nl/photosite/comments/c039.html
We are all drowning beneath a wave of mediocrity. Hardly anyone notices, we are too overly stimulated. The differences between digital and film seem so finely nuanced, the truth that film presents seems lost as well. I keep track of 120 format Zeiss cameras on EBAY. Sales of user cameras seem to be brisk. Certain Polaroid cameras are being snapped up as well. Film isn't dead, it isn't being noticed by the mainstream. Film is jazz.
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