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Vass Group buy II - Worldwide, Australia, Singapore

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Following the first Vass shoes group buy with members in Australia & Singapore, I am setting up a second venture but this time it will be open to all members.

The thread will keep updating as the prospective group buy firms up and/or more details come to hand.
For reference, the first group buy thread is:
Vass Group Buy no. 1 - AusxSing

We are apparently not restricted to only a few variations of last, style or leather although they would prefer if permutations were kept to a modest number.
I am having some sample shoes/boots made by Vass using a new exotic leather not previously offered by Vass. They should be ready within the month hopefully (Apr 2014).

It would be ideal if we can get at least about 12 orders to get a meaningful discount.
No definite pricing yet. I expect it to be much better than anything on retail or through the proxies (online or otherwise). As a rough guide, it'll range from 420 to 500 euros depending on the shoes specifications. The Italian U, F and K lasts are slightly dearer and options like flush metal toe-taps, tapering double soles etc. will be additions.
The proposed new leather will constitute an additional 80 - 120 euros.

Estimated delivery date would be around July 2014. I am hoping to be in Budapest then.
That means the orders and payment ought to be settled before June 2014.

I'll throw some ideas for the Vass shoes/boots and interested parties can chime in with their thoughts. I suspect we should keep it to perhaps 3 style options (eg. chukka boots, balmoral boots etc.) with slight variations in last, width and leather?

Balmoral boots (suede upper perhaps)

Shoes (Double monks, adelaides or Italian V-caps?). Some photos from the first group buy

Chukka boots. Photos from the first group buy.

Interested Parties:
Romp - chukka boots
Bonney - chukka boots, U-last, brown calf
truevision - chukka boots
JubeiSpiegel - chukka boots, U-last or F-last, oxblood/dark brown calf or dark brown suede
sliq - suede chukka boots, size 42 F-last
nelseypants - chukka boots, cognac calf, double leather sole + topy and flush metal toe-plates
bozzkeren - chukka boots, U last, mystery leather
joiji - chukka boots, size 44.5 F-last, black shell cordovan, double leather soles + flush metal toe-plates.


Jsocol - wingtip brogue oxford high boots, size 42 U-last, gold museum calf, danite soles + eyelets and speed hooks
RogerP - Navy/Burgundy wingtip brogue balmoral high boots - scotchgrain shaft
wellsuited - balmoral high boots, plum/museum/brown
ryanohare - brown balmoral high boots
PipersSon - golden/ tan balmoral high boots + blue suede shaft
member2000r - grain calf balmoral high boots, commando soles
Sartorial Scum - grain calf balmoral high boots, commando soles
magicspot - balmoral high boots, dainite soles, suede shaft / austerity brogue U-last, plum or brown museum calf

Journeyman - wingtip brogue oxford, U-last + seamless heel
B Rad - wingtip brogue oxford, U-last, sole edge dyed Antic cognac, gold museum calf
danielyam - brogue shoes

griffon_id - austerity brogue oxford/monk, museum calf
stgrim - austerity brogue oxford, U-last, plum/brown museum calf (Illcea not Haas)
JayH - austerity brogue oxford
florschubert - austerity brogue oxford, F-last. suede leather, double soles + flush metal toe-taps
laufer - austerity brogue oxford, F-last

external party - Italian model 66. Italian oxford with cap-toe, size 41 F-last, burgundy in ltalian finish, close cut bevelled waist + all leather sole/heel, single sole, 3-piece shoe trees (as shown in model 66 reference photo)

diadem - Model 63, F last / Model 78, U last / Model 111, U last / Model 119, U last
armsignet - Italian plain toe oxford shoes, brogueing only around throat of shoes, size 41.5 U-last, Navy calf, single leather sole (photo reference)
laufer - Italian plain toe oxford shoes, No brogueing, F-last
pinkpanther - Italian cap-toe scalloped balmoral shoes, size 41 F-last, Gold museum calf, flush metal toe-plates + double tapering to single leather soles (photo reference)
pinkpanther- Italian balmoral shoes with medallion, size 41.5 U-last, black calf & black scotch grain (throat) + flush metal toe-plates + double tapering to single leather soles (photo reference)

Francisco - Norweger, cognac scotch grain
Trini - Theresianer blucher high boots

Wallcloud - Italian V-caps oxford, black calf/cordovan
alco - Italian v-cap oxford, size 42.5 U-last, dark cognac + metal toes-taps.
63AMG - Italian V-cap oxford, size 44 U-last , Navy calf

JubeiSpiegel - Budapester, U or F last, dark cognac calf
Flake - Budapester, U or F last, dark cognac calf

JubeiSpiegel - Cap-toe double Monks, F-last, navy/oxblood calf
hentaisan - Cap-toe double Monks, F-last, shell cordovan

hentaisan - 5 eyelet London derby, F-last, Burgundy shell cordovan, Goyser welt, single leather sole + flush metal toe-taps.
bozzkeren - 3 eyelet London derby, U last, mystery leather/musem calf/ merlot calf + contrasting sole

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Looks interesting - subscribed as well.

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Subscribed. Looking forward to hearing the leather options.

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I might be in

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I'm interested.
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Interested. Pricing is exciting

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Whats the new exotic leather?
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Interested, keep me posted.
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I'd be interested in a wingtip bal boot in navy or burgundy.  A tall boot version of the ankle boot shown below, with a grain shaft in the same shade, would  be right up my alley.

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Cheers RogerP, that should be entirely feasible.
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I would be interested in chukka on F last.
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I would be in on some shoes on the F or U lasts (almost any style).
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Discount is a good word.  I am present.

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