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Jantzen tailor

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I put in an order about 32 days ago. Normally I get an email from Ricky about 30 days after placing the order. But I haven't heard from him yet. My order was a large one, which may be the reason for any delay. But, does anyone know whether there's been delays recently?
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Ricky told me by phone that while normally this is the slow season, he is now quite backed up.
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My order has been in for 42 days. Item not yet charged.
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Fast, cheap, good... you know the saying. Still, I have been waiting since MAY, for my linen shirt. But what can you expect?
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Oh, I don't particularly mind the wait -- I'd personally rather have Ricky make sure the quality control is there (I have personally found their quality control pretty good -- of the three shirts I have already received, one loose button is just about my only complaint) than do rush jobs. I was just wondering because I had put a temporary address for my shipping address, and I may not be at that address when the shirts finally arrive, in which case I'll have to have them shipped to me by the tenants at this temporary address. No big deal, but I was just trying to plan accordingly. IMO, waiting on the shirts isn't too much of a hassle -- I just ordered early so that I would have them in plenty of time for when I needed them. I just hope it doesn't take any longer than 2 months total, because that's when I could really use the shirts.
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Here is a link to a post I made a few days ago about my latest Jantzen shirt order, made a few days before yours. Hope that helps.
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Could be worse, apparently Turnbull & Asser is running at 6 months lead-time per shirt order . So, even if it takes 3 months, consider yourself lucky. Jon.
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Here is a link to a post I made a few days ago about my latest Jantzen shirt order, made a few days before yours. Hope that helps.
Thanks -- my shirts may actually get here right in the nick of time then. I can't wait to get those babies on hangers -- I cleaned my closet of all poor quality and ill-fitting dress shirts for these things. I just can't help myself from ordering some more in the meantime. They got some really great new fabrics in recently.
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I am kind of disheartened about this... I put in my order a week or so back, and have about 3 more weeks before I'm off to college in Houston (Rice U.) Looks like I'm going to have to get it shipped from my house to my dorm.
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Raley, it is worth the wait. Just wait until you know you've gotten the desired measurements down pat; then you'll just be picking out fabrics/collar styles left and right (but don't blow too much money ). There is one thing I've really learned since joining this board, and it was something that I should have known already but it never clicked with me -- the clothes that you keep the longest and love the most (and hence are the best investment) are the ones that fit you the best.
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I have been waiting 45 days for one of my latest orders. No big deal as I prefer increased quality control over speed. My only concern is that I have been sending Ricky a number of pictures lately in an attempt to fix a problem I have been having with fabric pulling and folding between the upper front placket and outer shoulder. In attempting to find the answer I have posed a number of questions (such as if I should specify "big chest" to fix the problem) but have not received any response.
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