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Work wear

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Hey there, I'm trying to figure out what to wear to work.
I work in high end furniture sales and often see a lot of architects an interior designers so I don't need to be in a suit and tie all the time, te suit and tie will only be for meeting clients and showroom visits.
I enjoy slightly different styles of blazers and shirts just to funk it up abit. For instance, shirts to have different color stitching, button color and similar with blazers.

I'm desperate need for work clothes shopping and want to get 4-5 different looks I can mix an match with + 2 new suits and a pair of black, brown and maybe suede shoes and lastly a dark pair of jeans for when I'm stuck in te office or travelling.

Can anybody helps out?

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Your chosen name suggests that you work in the UAE - would you not be better to copy what others do out there. What do your colleagues wear?
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Yep working in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates. Well that I could do I but would need some help with some cool + good brands to choose from.


My work is split up into four parts I could say:


1) Stuck in the office working on a project


Majority of the people wear chino's or dark jeans with a long sleeve work shirt (neutral and bold designs) with a casual stylish work shoe.

I suppose I could wear long sleeve polo shirt ( I have a tattoo I need to cover) or a t-shirt with a sports blazer?



2) Meetings with Designers


Usually formal work pants with a long sleeve work shirt and work shoes Sometimes wear a suit jacket but rarely in summer as the temp is too hot.


3) Client presentations & Meetings


Formal suit sometimes with tie


4) Events


Smart causal business wear - Often these events take place right after work

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A lot of the guys wear Hugo boss, Ted Baker, RIESS and tailor made suits from ascots and chapel the shoes vary from the same brands and LV to handmade shoes
Chinos and jeans not sure to be honest
That's just to name a few brands

Some help with a new wardrobe would be appreciated smile.gif
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