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Ralph Lauren quality control?

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I bought a couple pairs of Ralph Lauren chinos and on both pairs, the buttons on the back pockets are coming off. The first pair, it took a few washes, but on the second pair, the button started coming loose after the very first time I washed them. Is this a bad batch or is Ralph Lauren's quality control always this bad?

They are the "prospect pants" for those interested. I actually like them quite a bit, except for the button problems.
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Buttons are easy fixes. Not really a quality control issue. Buttons will come off especially on back buttons. They get caught on car seats a lot of the time and pop off. Bring them to a tailor or back to the store (depending on the store) and have them reattached.
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I've already reattached the buttons myself. It is just disturbing because these are brand new pants that I haven't worn but a few times. My other chinos that I have worn regularly for quite some time have never had a button come loose.
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it might be a QC issue, it might just be you - I have buttons getting loose on a wide range of stuff, and I just reattach them myself. It's really easy to do it, even if you need a shank.
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I've found RL stuff to be extremely hit or miss as far as QC and quality in general. The name has been diluted to the point of utter confusion with all of the sub-labels and even then there is a lot of disparity in quality within each label. I believe Blue Label is just below the top tier Purple Label. Most of it is really nice stuff IMO but some of it is the cheapest Made-In-China falling-apart Ford Festiva junk you can imagine.
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Ralph lauren is very hit and niss ...Especially on the lower scale of its products....
I do not know the Ppurple and black label but the rest is overpriced and not very interesting in a sartorial point of view...
Without the little logo ,nobody will buy the stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
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