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Good storytelling and good marketing are not incompatible. Very much the opposite, I think.The narrative of man upholding dignity in a changing, increasingly alien, world, is a compelling one. It's actually a prevailing meta-narrative for many on this forum.
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I was also referring to the pretentious statement stated a few posts up
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I just think that if you gave Matthew Barney the assignment to make a promotional film about an Italian tailor - it would not necessarily be good for business (as Cremaster didn't make a profit - by any stretch of the imagination).

Listen - it's very simple:

The Esquire Big Black Book (UK Edition) is high-gloss, slick, gorgeous, and chocked-full of substance.

The Esquire Big Black Book (US Edition) is little more than bird-cage liner.

To wit -
watch the trailers side by side - which do you want to see and why?

O'Mast: This trailer - IMHO - feels like an advert for the next jazz band scheduled to play the Cafe Carlyle in NYC

The AL Trailer:
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Since I've seen O'Mast, I feel that this is an unfair question.
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I've seen both films, and don't really understand Gatsby's objections.

Some people voiced criticisms of O'Mast in other threads, some of which I thought was fair. There could have been a more straightforward "storyline," I suppose. But it's beautifully shot (truly, really really well done) and it's about a section of classic tailoring that doesn't get much film coverage. Almost all the documentaries I've seen on tailoring focus on England. It also captures much of Naples well, and most importantly, comes from the perspective of not only a client of bespoke tailors, but an enthusiast of classic men's tailoring. Many of the other films I've seen feel like they were filmed by someone who just happens to have a passing interest in the subject. Like they discovered it a year ago, and decided to make a film about it. I feel like O'Mast is a film made for enthusiasts.

When I first saw the Liverano film, I also thought it was an infomercial. But having heard the story about how the film came about, from talking to Gianluca himself, I think it grew out of a genuine interest. I also don't doubt that The Armoury had it made to both bolster their bespoke sales and also because they love and respect the man. I see The Armoury as an operation both run for profit and out of love.

There's a lot of romanticizing in both these films, to be sure, but half the fun in clothing is the romance.

Anyway, I'm just rather happy another documentary has been made about tailoring. Really, whatever faults there might be in any of them, I wish there were more of these.
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Not everyone has heard of the story about the films origins or talked to Gianluca himself. So for normal folks like me it's still an infomercial. Or an interesting informercial at most.

Just saying.
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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post

this was pretentious? how so?

See my comments above for why I think that.

I can see where others are calling it an "infomerical" masquerading as a "documentary." It would have been better if they did a "Florentine O'Mast" and talked to more bespoke tailors in Florence, but it seems he's the only one left.
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Here's another "documentary" / infomerical
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Did you actually watch the film or just the trailer?

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Originally Posted by conradwu View Post

Did you actually watch the film or just the trailer?

Jiro or Liverano? I said I havent seen Liverano.

I did see Jiro on Netflix. It wasn't great
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With each film comes the endless supply of criticism. How about we just appreciate that there's even a film on the topic, at all. The Armoury is a business after all and while it's obvious they did it to promote sales, you can also sense their love for the man and his craft. 

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