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Incidentally, Vanson does a really nice moto
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Get your Aero fit jacket today...our two best selling Aero styles are the Aero Maxwell and Aero Sonoma Cafe' Racer, both in Front Quarter Horween Horsehide or Heavy Steerhide!  Each of these are a great leather jacket choice for Spring!





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Originally Posted by Tsujigiri View Post
Originally Posted by InSandThurston View Post




Hi Tsujigiri,


There are quite a few options with our Aero and Vanson leather jackets, so it's definitely good to do some research!  The general custom process for Aero is laid out here on our Thurston Bros. website--http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!custom-aero/cvnh


If you're wanting to go the Vanson route, give us a buzz and we'll sort you out...


One thing I will post up here is Aero's C/X Steerhide, which people often overlook because they're very interested in our front quarter horsehide leather jackets.  The steerhide is thick at 3.75-4.0 oz, but looks amazing!



 You can check out our entire Aero Civilian Catalog on our Thurston Bros. website here--http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!aero-catalog/c1rp5


We still have 13 production slots open for North American customers at the Aero Factory in Scotland for April Production!


Thanks, I've been looking at the Aero options. I was most interested in the Indian Ranger. Based on the customizations I've found online, I'd probably change the zippers out for Riri ones, add leather facing to protect the cuff, area around the zipper, and bottom hem of the lining, add a light tartan lining, remove the belt, add one inside pocket, and either move the snap pocket to the arm or take it off altogether. After reading a little more I'm concerned that the FQAH might be too heavy and stiff for everyday use, though. Do you have customers who like that leather and but don't need it for protection?

There are a few photos of one of our Aero cross zip horsehide jackets with the belt and belt loops removed here:  http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?70770-Insurrection-Thurston-Bros-Official-Affiliate-Thread/page156  Check it out!

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Only three Vanson Chopper jackets left from this shipment--2 mediums and 1 large...  Can't believe it's still cold here in the Northwest...






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Some great Aero Front Quarter Horsehide Leather Jacket photos!


We're your North American source for Aero Leathers of Scotland! 




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Is it possible to replicate this Vanson jacket?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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Originally Posted by bokhan View Post

Is it possible to replicate this Vanson jacket? Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

We can modify the pockets on the Vanson VAJ-3 to look a lot like those chest pockets.  I've attached a photo of the VAJ-3 below. 


We modify a lot of Vanson's existing designs for our shop and for our customers...Vanson takes a tremendous amount of pride in their work and their jackets turn out amazing! 


The price on this design would be $749.00 USD (base price of $629 + $120 pocket redesign).  Also, we can do this in Vanson's X150 leather (shown below), Vanson's Comp. Weight leather (this is their standard leather), or Vanson's Firenze leather (this is a lighter weight leather).  My suggestion would be to go with either the X150 or Comp. Weight (the jackets in these leathers develop amazing patina over time!). 


I hope this helps!


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We have the largest selection in the United States of premium leather jackets!  We're open from 12-6 today, so stop on by to say, "Hi!"  You can also try on some very, very nice leather jackets, both in steerhide and in front quarter horsehide!






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We have only two Thedi Horsehide Cafe' Racers left!  $800.00 USD (Free Shipping!) each for these last two...very nice jackets!  If you receive one of these and it isn't perfect, we'll get you a custom!  Or, you can get credit towards Vanson or Aero!




Customer shot!



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Great customer photo!  She's very, very pleased with her new Pacific Cycle Leathers Women's Cafe' Racer!


Folks can check out our most popular Pacific Cycle Leathers Men's Four-Pocket Cafe' Racer here (these are modeled after some of our very popular 1960s cafe' racers):  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!pacific-cycle-leathers-four-pocket-racer/cg72


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A shipment of custom Aero jackets made from Horween's Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide and Steerhide Leather is headed out today...  Each of these is a custom made-to-order jacket...  Look at that leather and those liners!


For more information on ordering a custom Aero leather jacket here in North America, please click here:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!custom-aero/cvnh







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We're open today from 12pm until 6pm!  Stop on by to see the largest selection of premium cafe' racer leather jackets in the United States!  On top of that, we have a sweet selection of premium, front quarter horsehide classic leather jackets!


Just a few samples of what we have in stock!









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Great customer photo!  Vanson Comet PLU-3 Cafe' Racer Leather Jacket!


Click here to see our Vanson Cafe' Racer Catalog:  http://www.thurston-bros.com/#!vanson-in-stock-catalog/czm0


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Vanson Chopper Cafe' Racer Leather Jacket!







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Aero A-1 Flight Jacket in Horween Cordovan Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide!  Great looking leather flight jacket!



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