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Belt Recommendations

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So I just picked up a pair of C&J Handgrade Barrington's in the Tan Antique. I'm anal about my belts matching my shoes, and my current tan belt is too light. C&J's tan belt is also on the lighter side (sales rep said this is because the hand grades are a bit darker), it doesn't very match well now and will only get worse as the shoes are "antiqued" and will darken over time even with neutral polish.


Options I have found:

BB: Saffino belt (although it says lambskin not sheepskin). Surprised at the overwhelmingly positive reviews as I generally find BB belts to be inferior in leather quality to AE and others.,default,pd.html?dwvar_113F_Color=BTAN&contentpos=15&cgid=0233


Harry's: It says Oxford Brown, but looks close. Can't see it before I buy as I'm in Boston.


Open to options. Bought these to wear at a wedding next month, so don't think ordering a belt made is an option. I like conservative buckles, but any standard 1 1/4" straps should work with existing buckles I have lying around.

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When getting real serious about matching, the best option is to go to a store wearing the shoes and see them together. 


Failing that, I'll plug Magnanni (more their belts than shoes) online, as they have a very, very wide range of belt colors and their photos are very accurate (I own about 8 of them), and quality is good. Their 'cognac' shades might work well.

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Turns out the AE Woven Chili belts get quite close and because they are multi-tone I can deal with the slight difference in shade better.


Thanks though.

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