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geez jsut realized SW has $18 shippping
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post
geez jsut realized SW has $18 shippping

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ahah im bitchin about everything possible, i need cash
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Alex my Raf jagged tee is a 48 and "loose"
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Shit, i thought you got a 50 in it. Now i have to just decide if i want to go big time oversized. Wear it with my slim/skinny black slacks and maybe patent boat shoes? I dunno. I half want to just have it oversized but if i find a 46 at barneys it'll probably still be oversized on me. I just need to think it over i guess.

keykoo- thanks. At $176 it's barely below "normal" retail. I'll just wait for 60% as i don't want it $190(after shipping) bad.
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whens a.p.c? it is this month, anyone know a date??

I am really looking at a few things at 50% off...
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I just called Mercer store last friday and they told me that they did not have definite day by then. So I figured probably in two weeks or so. I also have some items that I want at 50%. Oh. they also said that if you are on their mailing list, they will notify the sale through email prior to the sale. so Keep your eyes out!
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I'm just looking to hear some feedback on my new shades--

www.lejeyewear.com - I have polarized Lumin sunglasses.

Feedback? thanks
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they look fucking ridiculous and i assume this is spam or you're kidding.
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Well, no - wasn't spam and not joking... And honestly - all input - that one included - is appreciated... they aren't for style - they're for sports. I wear them when I play golf, for example. They grew on me (as far as style goes) enough to keep, and they function pretty well. But, while they look ridiculous, I want to give them a chance. THanks thekunk, though a little more consideration would be appreciated by the next respondant
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They look fucking ridiculous any time you wear them without a hang glider.
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Sounds like it is SPAM, given the idiotic placement in this thread, and your even more ridiculous user name to tie in the theme of "sunglasses".
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Any news on the next round of Barneys markdowns?
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Kuhlman in Seattle is doing a 20% off sale this upcoming weekend, on supposedly everything in the store.
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