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Pretty substantial Carmina outlet re-stock: https://www.carminashoemaker.com/outlet-shoes

Also 15% off Carmina loafers with code LOAFERS: https://www.carminashoemaker.com/promotion
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Originally Posted by nsubrmnn View Post

Not sure if you're joking about the dyson vacuum, but if you weren't

I signed up for the bed bath and beyond newsletter on their website and got a 20% code which I used towards mine.

I have a backpack vacuum (I believe it's a Hoover). My gf works part-time for a cleaning company, and it's pretty much the model they use. Each of their vacuums go through maybe three cleanings a day five days a week, and the only thing they've had to replace on any of them were the backpack straps.
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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

I have a backpack vacuum...

lol. I think the renters of the unit next to mine would get tired of hearing the Ghostbusters theme song every time I was in the mood to clean.

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Sale in Hussars http://hussarsmadrid.com/en/shop/   with a code: SS,

Really curious pockets squares

I am doubting, about buying this:


On web puts"This pocket square has been hand rolled and stitched . This makes all of our pocket squares hand finished, and printed in Spain with dupont ink, which is amongst the best in the world. After printing it is steamed in a specific way, then cleaned, to make sure it will resist light, being washed and sweat given the case"




what do you think ? these are better than Rubinacci? http://www.marianorubinacci.net/pochette

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I am not a vacuum snob, but we found a free, mint dyson sitting on a curb a couple weeks ago and it has changed my life


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where u live dubai
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If he lived in Dubai, it wouldn't be a free vacuum, it'd be 3 series BMW, driven once and discarded like compostable flatware
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Replace 3 series with Rolls Royce that they leave in the desert once it runs out of gas.
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The Last Conspiracy is on sale.

Last set of deductions, pretty picked through by this point, but if you like their stuff, it's some of the cheapest I've seen a lot of it. Before you get too excited, though, shipping costs to the US are fairly obscene (45 euros), so it's really only worth it if there's a screaming deal on something you really like...all considered, for some items the price on Farfetch might be lower.

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Extra 20% off sale at Oi Polloi with code SKINFLINT (no vacuums tho)

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Thinking of buying a pair of CP's for my wife. Is sizing on the same scale as men's? My wife is an 8 Nike which would 40 or 41 if she was in mens, is that right for women's CP's?
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Yes, the last is the same
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👍🏻 thanks
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

Yes, the last is the same

As far as I know, the last for the Women's CP's is not the same as the mens. I remember reading an article when they first launched the Women's collection and they mentioned how they went and developed all different lasts to fit a woman's foot. With that said, they don't appear to be extremely different or anything, I think the men's is just slightly wider and less almond shaped in the toe area.
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Italian sizing is the same men/women(even if last is a little different) and american is 1-1.5 smaller depending on brand. 40 would be huge. Better call/email a store.

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