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The Hill-Side and Hickorees 25% off with code MEMORIALDAY
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Steven Alan 30% off sitewide.

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30% off at MAAS - good thru Monday
use code: MEMORIALDAY30
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MEYVN sale

20% off orders under $250 with the code SUN20

25% off orders between $250 - $500 with the code SUN25

30% off orders between $500 - $750 with the code SUN30

35% off orders between $750 - $1000 with the code SUN35

40% off orders over $1000 with the code SUN40

I'll point out, however, that we weren't able to purchase our order of 3 CPs due to their system flagging it as possibly fraudulent.

Went in on a group order (shared home with roommates which, admittedly we did not coordinate well enough and two people ended up placing two different orders) so that we could get the 40% off, but both orders ended up getting cancelled.

We subsequently tried to place a single order again, 2 or 3 different times but they kept getting cancelled.

I ended up calling the store (owner, I presume) and he was very defensive and agitated and kept repeating that the system will flag large orders of the same product and since they are a small store and will get hugely dinged for chargebacks (of fraudulent activity) that he decided to cancel (repeatedly) our orders.

I can completely understand the plight of the small business owner and his perspective, but having called in and him telling me to have the other people call in to verify that we are indeed going into a group order but then reneging afterwards due to still not trusting that we are legit customers was disappointing. I would have preferred him just telling me that he wouldn't process it period, rather than bothering everyone at work to call this guy. Too much work for something that should have been straightforward imo...

Anyway...TLDR, good luck. Some decent stuff there, if you can actually get that discount!
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Thread Starter sale, up to 50% off.


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Adding my car to the Memorial Day sale train;

Enter code PDGSPRINGTHING for 30% all items excluding Red Wing & 3sixteen on the Portland Dry Goods web shop.

For EG or other things you cant directly buy from the web, just shoot me an email and we can apply the discount manually.

also important: don't forget to grab porch beers this weekend!
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Originally Posted by msg View Post

Had several items in my dream box and this morning they're gone. Didn't sell out, just gone from the entire site as best I can tell. Anyone seen this before?

Yeah give it time and they'll reappear in a few days or so.

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Thread Starter 30% off sitewide with code MEMDAY


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Thread Starter half yearly sale.


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End of year sale. Looks to be 50% off, CPs Rickies, Ann, etc.
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what the... m atches pulled hella stuff from the sale for some reason

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Thread Starter Exclusive 20% Off Presale | Friday May 27 - 30 | Promocode: PRESALE20


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DA LUCA - Memorial Day Weekend Sale

20% Off Entire Order

Includes Shell Cordovan, Chromexcel and all Horween Leathers + Vintage Leathers

Sale ends Midnight PST May 30, 2016

Promo Code: mday16

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barneys warehouse has extra % off. Their prices on aspesi outwear are quite good

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Oki-ni has a $75 off $300 (£50 off £200) on SS16 stuff. Code is MAY50:
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