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tbs 25%-50% off

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Originally Posted by juven View Post

Forty five ten on farfetch also had OB bulldogs under 100 in all sizes

forgive me if this has been asked a thousand times, but does this mean they're shipping from forty five ten in dallas hence no extra duties/taxes within US? or are they shipping from the EU? I don't get the boutique thing on farfetch...

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dallas, bro

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who took the givenchy camouflage jacket from forty five ten ?? frown.gif i was in the shower and forgot to confirm purchase... now its gone frown.gif
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TBS sale price =  other shop retail price

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Not when you deduct vat I guess
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TBS is like the best shop

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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

TBS is like the best shop


TBS has really good prices. But this season sale has been lacking. For the best sale deals. I tend to shop at Matchesfashion (coats and shoes), Mr Porter (suits and clothing), East Dane (for silk pocket squares), TBS (designer sneakers)

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Anyone else think the MrP sale is sub standard?

Tres Bien has a decent sale on aswell..
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If anyone is looking for neckwear when they're not in SWD

FLASH SALE notification. We're going to promote a "Last Day of School" (for those of you who don't know, my wife and I are both NYC school teachers) Sale tomorrow only. 30% off with "LASTDAY" at guys get a few hours head start...I'm gonna blast social media with it at 6AM tomorrow. Sale will last until 11:59 PM EST tomorrow! Happy shopping!
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Sucks that you cant combine the Tres Bien Sale price and the coupons they sent out

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Has anyone been able to access the private sale for sneakerboy?

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took 40 mins to load
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Originally Posted by lewin24 View Post

TBS sale price =  other shop retail price

It's really brand by brand, and even item by item.  Some of the critcisms are unfounded.  For example, The MargielaxConverse are deliberately priced at the US stockists at $250, and European at 250 EU (VAT included), to put retailers on a level playing field.  You can't blame brands for trying to close down on arbritrage.  That it's cheaper to order from Europe when you are in the States, and vice versa, is an artificial situation brought on because enforcement is lagging technology, and is unsustainable and crazy.  I mean, I do the same, but it's silly to complain if and when you get a customs bill.  

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Plenty of stuff on there is the same price as anywhere else and when you consider no sales tax and VAT deduction it's a no brainer.

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