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You ok sinned?

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Originally Posted by LelandJ View Post

You ok sinned?
You do realize your becoming a troll, right?
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GILT has pretty much sucked for a long while now. I might score one "Final Few" or a random accessory about once a year… otherwise, ya fuck you GILT.
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There was a nice cotton charcoal LBM suit that I kept wavering about due to final sale, but sort of regret not kopping especially with twenty to thirty percent off (actually a max of $50 - $75 off). I sort of hate that GILT caps the discount at a dollar value.
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yeah, gilt isn't totally worthless. i like that they carry ckc and rick somewhat consistently. but that's about it.
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Or if you're plebe status like me, W+H.
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There are tons of better places to grab W+H, even there own website you just got to google the product and it will give you the link to past seasons with sale prices of 50% off.

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^ thats deep.
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pendleton on vp
mostly bd shirts, a few sweaters, coats, jackets and couple cheap hats

also a couple random ro and s2a on mh
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Remember when Gilt use to be a Styleforum affiliate..
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thanks does anybody else have the problem with the corner that you cannot put in a new code ? it's locked in a code i tried to use before
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I can put it in ok, its just not good for proenza schouler ffffuuuu.gif

any code out there for forward?
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do you know how to put a new code in? somehow its locked into appspecial15 code and there is no way to take the code out T.T
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Sung1il, think it may work like yoox, change country to any other one then change back
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