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Originally Posted by maverickm View Post

Does anyone know when will they reach 100%???? :D!!!!

:) I'm waiting for 120% off

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For the stuff left at Mr. Porter it would have to be more than 120% for me to keep it in my closet.
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True :)!!! Breaking down Mr Porter's email:

Final Reductions Upto 80% Off: - On what 800$ Brioni shirts???

New Lines Added - Where and What - again Brioni or Alexander Mcqueen????


Thanks but no thanks :)!!!


And most of the quality, cheap 70-80% stuff is already manhandled by esteemed gentlemen here :D!!!!!

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Originally Posted by kentpope View Post

Just bought the evil cat scarf lol. Gonna hang it on my wall.

fuck. this falls under the category of "shit I really fucking want but I will never use" lol I have a black cat and he is evil too.
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btw- unlike others here I am not hating on Mr P. I think their sale is great, but just ridiculously picked over at this point.
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Pretty much. I had a Billy Reid jacket in my cart this morning but I spent too long contemplating it so it was gone by the time I decided to check out 30 minutes later. The way I see it, it saved me a bit of money.

Wish the same thing would have happened when I went to buy a pair of blue suede bluchers from tres-bien last night. At 40% off Alden's it was too hard for me to resist. My only concern is the sizing since it's hard to tell from TBS description what width you're actually getting. The talk about the customs fees last week helped as well. Hope I get lucky there.
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Thanks. Checked this thread at the right time. Fits TTS I hope?
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There was some good stuff available if you went on the second the sale went live. Everything on my wishlist was gone by the time I realized there were drops. Nothing I feel too bad about missing, a few pairs of shoes/boots but whatever
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They usually kick off their sales around 4-5am EST. I happened to be up 1 night due to work when the email first came through and there was lots of stuff available.

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Any one have a code for Tres Bien?
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Mr. Porter still has that missoni sweater I want in my size and they bumped it to 60% off. I added it to my cart but I don't think I can pull the trigger cause it's still $456 which would make it the most expensive piece of clothing I own both retail and price paid. :/
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^ musicboohoo[1].gif
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Mr. Porter was, and still is, so picked over it's not even worth it.
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Here's a nice little gem from the current J Crew sale: Scott Nichol socks for $18/pair. They generally run a little large, and are best for sizes 9 or 10+.

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