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Originally Posted by spreadcollar View Post
good luck.

Just got back. Picked up 2 pairs of a shoes and a wool/silk top thingy. The place was super crowded, and with the checkout machines having server problems, there were folks waiting for awhile to buy the stuff.
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What were the prices like?
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Originally Posted by stylesmurf View Post
What were the prices like?

Prices were mostly high, even at 80% off. Ties for $40, belts for $100. Shoes that I picked up were $509 with 50%, but somehow came out even cheaper at about $165. Lots of 11 and 12 available in shoes, but I don't think that will last too long.

Lots of suits, leather jackets, and outwear, but with retail being pretty high, everything would end up around $300, at least. Basic sweaters were at about $180 after the discount.
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For those who want to buy BoO pieces or Rag and Bone pieces. Call Halls of Kansas City tomorrow at 816 274 3222. They'll have extra 20% off sale items. The BoO oxford can be as low as little over 80 dollars excluding shipping . Cheaper than gilt actually.
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What: Stuart & Wright is clearing out warm-weather stock with another big seasonal sample sale at their Fort Greene shop. Find sales of up to 75% off their coveted men's and women's roster-including Isabel Marant, A.P.C., Jeffrey Monteiro, Engineered Garments, Opening Ceremony, Robert Geller, and so much more.

When: Thursday, August 6, through Saturday, August 8, from 10 to 8 p.m.; Sunday, August 9, from noon to 6 p.m.

Where: Stuart & Wright, 85 Lafayette Avenue, (between South Portland Avenue and South Elliot Place); Fort Greene; 718-797-0011.
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Originally Posted by SPK View Post
I'm going to Covet today (store in Scottsdale, AZ) and I think they have a lot of SS stuff for 50% off as well as all their footwear. They do ship from the store so give them a call. Check out for some of the stuff they carry.

Went to Covet today and they have some washed black Imperial Kings for $30..Someone should definitely call and ask if they can be shipped. There was one of each of these sizes: 30,31,32 I think.
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Originally Posted by Dashaansafin View Post
Size small?

Not sure. I didn't look through the sizes today when I went there.
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Ill give it a shot anyway, ive been looking for a light blue size small oxford forever.
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They had a few blue bengal stripe oxfords left and a couple of dark blue overdyed batise shirts. But not sure if they had any solid blue oxford left.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Wow, absolute dreck.
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so are the sales pretty much over? any more further markdowns on certain sites? coupon codes? or is this it...
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Anybody from the GTA been to Holts last call recently? I havent been there in about a month and was wondering if they've received new mens stock, mostly looking for pants (khakis or cords), leather boots and jackets. btw- already called the store and the SA's are freaking stupid or just way lazzy and no help at all..... tia
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Nice price on a Post Overalls Engineer Denim Jacket size small:
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