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Supposedly further drops at the Bureau.
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Anyone know when Mohawk General Store will have drops?
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Does Aether go on sale?
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Originally Posted by tedbearz View Post

Does Aether go on sale?


I heard he has special weekend rates.

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Originally Posted by meso View Post

Waiting for the unionmade sale in two weeks (at least, around the time they usually do it)

sadly the navy ua collab jacket is gone already, thinguassweet

Originally Posted by Melbush View Post

Has anyone ever had trouble ordering on Jonathan + Olivia? Order was received on Saturday 21st, and I haven't heard anything since then...Item was obviously not shipped.

If you only ordered online and never called afterwards, well I hope they still have the item you want but you need to call them asap, never ordered from them without having to call and verify they pulled the item 

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Originally Posted by Kvc06 View Post

FYI Polo has 40% additional off in-store only. I got a leather bomber from blue label for $215 and a rrl long sleeve for $30

Man I've been meaning to go check out the sale the last couple days but I wasn't able to due to a very busy holiday season and traveling. I was finally able to go in today and there was nothing left. I did pick up a nice corduroy blazer for 70% off but I really wish I could have picked up more things. The salesperson told me that a man came in two days ago and bought $10,000 worth of clothing in various sizes, basically cleaning out the whole inventory . He was probably buying to flip on ebay...i hate him!


On a scale of 1 to 10, I am a 11 in disappointment. Is the next big sale in May?

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I sincerely believe small shops or ebay retailers might be buying a lot of stuff in large quantities during the sale :(!!!!

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This is the first time in recent memory that I didn't buy a single fucking thing on the TBS sale... It feels good but also very weird.
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TBS website is down

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TBS = TheBodyShop????

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Or maybe Tres Bien shop?????

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Acne sale is on, up to 40% off.

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25% off sale items at steven alan

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Neiman Marcus has additional 40% off sale items until midnight. 

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