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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Tim Coppens

That camel colored duffle is really nice. Somebody should definitely kop.
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okkkk copped. hoping it won't be too big, otherwise it will be available at cost
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Originally Posted by Blackmaged View Post

Extra 50% discount at Barney's Warehouse, taken at checkout

Sorry but where is the discount?
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its taken automatically when u checkout
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r you sure it 505 is taken out because i tried it just short of putting my cc info and the discount was not taking it off the price.
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The prices on each item page will specifically say extra 50% off if it applies...
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Life is hard.

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The price that shows up on the checkout page has the 50% taken off the price.

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good luck buying from barneys no returns warehaus
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you know what would suck

being a werehouse

every full moon your legs sink into the ground and your head becomes a roof and banks start trying to foreclose you.

no fun if you ask me.
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Got some good holiday gifts at the warehouse for next to nothing, theres maybe two things I would get in the mens.  The rest is a loss.  Got some Castener Espadrilles for 35 to save for the warmer weather.

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Anybody have experience with Simon Miller jeans? Thinking of picking up the slim faded jeans since theyre so damn cheap right now.




But on the website it says the leg opening is 18", WTF? There's little information on them besides that, even outside of Barney's.

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does anyone know if these raf trousers are 36" waist or 36 suit size?

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Is there anyway to try something out on barneys warehouse site?

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well you'd physically have to travel via cable, so you'd have to convert yourself into a digital data bit so you can travel to the address of the barney's site then perhaps you could try the clothes on while you're inside the webshop...not sure if they have fitting rooms in there though so good luck with that...oh and there are no people there bc everything is automated
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