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Birthday Bash DOTD

In honor of my birthday (Wednesday) here's a helluva Deal of the Day.


Code is:


You know the rules. No open talk about numbers. Oh and more will get added tomorrow. That is unless I end up getting dragged out for a rompin' good time with much tequila. The deal ends sometime Thursday.
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Originally Posted by eglbc View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

If anyone can proxxy this in downtown LA i would be stoked, PM if possible.

have they ever had one of these before? anyone know approximately what prices/discounts will be? might go if it's worth it, but Friday afternoon... ugh.
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Orders over 150€
Use this code upon checkout: FREE1FrRjI
Ends December 19TH
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Originally Posted by constant struggle View Post

got a bland of outsiders shirt $83 shipped

Yeah, I picked up this bland shirt jacket thingy.

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Not a bad price shipped. Surprised you found it that at steep of a discount already.
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15% off at LN-CC with XTRA15USC

Although, I'm not a big fan of their buys this year...
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Their buys have been very strange.  Although considering the financial 'difficulties' they've been in perhaps it's not surprising. 

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Originally Posted by bLaZ3n View Post

Might have been posted already but $8.50 shoe trees at JosABank: http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101593 (free shipping with no minimum)
$25 buy 1 get 2 free., aka $8.50 each.
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Yoox and thecorner both charge a flat $6 if you use there return label. It's a lot better then buying from Ssense and having to ship back to Canada out of pocket.
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Free shipping worldwide for all orders over 100EUR on Tres Bien

Ends Dec 19

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Can anyone proxxy the isaora sample sale?
Will be many thanks for you.
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that is actually right by where i work... but i'm not proxying for free anymore -_-; it'd have to be worth my time.
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I'm all for trying brands i've never heard of before but i wish there was a better way to search yoox. I always quite by page 30 or whatever.
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For people asking me to proxy:

NO, I will not proxy for $15. I get paid more per hour than that. Why would I waste my time shopping for you for less than an hour's wage?
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For the love and admiration of random dudes on the internet. Is that worth nothing to you? Have you no soul?
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