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Looking for an atelier proxy as well!
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^stop posting this!!!
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Originally Posted by herragge View Post

Anyone care to elaborate how to get onto the SuitSupply Outlet? Everytime I click the suitsupply url with outlet in it, it redirects me to the main homepage, not the outlet one.


The outlet is only available to the US and the Netherlands, so to access it you need to select either US or Netherlands as the country you are shipping to. Once that is done then you can click the link and access the outlet (note that you wont be able to ship the stuff to Canada, trust me I looked into it, sadface)

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Anyone know the code to enter suitsupply outlet? If its not a personal one of course.

edit: nvm its earlyaccess
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it's funny to think anyone not in NY will get access to ANY sale. NY gets the best deals, remember? GL with dude outside the city. lol
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

^stop posting this!!!

Why? I'm looking for one. This seems like how I might find one. I should have posted here to start, but usually don't proxy anything so didn't think to.

My buddy said he'd do it for me in the next couple of days since he's launching a project, but sounds like there's a line outside the store so hoping to find someone willing to do it today/tomorrow.

It's not like I'm going to stop breathing from a fit of epileptic rage and longing from missing out or anything. As it has been commented EU/Asian stores generally sell at nearly 40% off from Atelier's retail anyway, but cheaper is cheaper and if the stars align... money in the bank (Or out of it).
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Let me save you guys the trouble, okay. Send an email to Suddenlee if you want a proxy. They will gladly go pickup and proxy for you. If you want to reach someone directly, I can give you a name and phone # but only to members who I deem fit and will not go crazy leaving her texts. I think this is the entire SF community, so, scratch that. Just email Suddenlee
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I'm inside atelier right now foo.gif
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what are you picking up?
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Nothing for myself. Too poor. Doing a proxy
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Much appreciated. Sent them an email see how goes. At this point not in a super rush. If stuff I want is there in my size it's there, but most likely long gone. See what the fates decide!

Thankfully I only fit the largest size and I want some weird things like the bright blue tornadoes.
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They haven't responded to my e-mail from last night foo.gif
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Ahh!!! Did you see any A1923 boots (the double zips) in a size 39 or 40? frown.gif
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I can proxy for atelier but I will need the money paypal'd once I get inside and send you a picture. Don't have the funds for someone who bails last minute. And if your new to the forum and have a few posts, most likely won't proxy for you. If things are a couple hundred sure, but seem like most things are going to be 1-2k... 

I can go tomorrow morning to check things out.

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Does ANY normally stock size XS? Do they have stuff that is not on the website?

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