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It's way better, but on my monitor there's literally 10" of dead space between product pictures on the left and description on the right (which is oddly crammed into a narrow column along the edge).
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I am pleased to hear that it is better than before, we were not thinking in terms of making sure it is always clear where you are and to find what you're looking for. There is still room for improvement.


The product page initially loads the images in medium size thumbnails which stack horizontally or vertically depending on the window size.

The negative space is eliminated this way, once any image is clicked.


The image will zoom to maximum resolution, whether that be the full width of the window or the full size of the image (typically 1250 x 1710 pixels) in order to see every detail.


I think we need to clearly indicate the zoom function with a magnified glass, so the user will know they can see the image in more detail that way.


The images and the information could be placed closer together, but the intention was to align them left to work with the zoom function.


Initial page load:






The product page link:


I hope it works well on all browsers and devices.

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Why not have the zoomed image load by default? Or better yet, just fix the design. You can try to justify it all you want, but I'm sorry, it doesmt really work.
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I understand wanting to make a webpage that allows for a large zoom, a shadow box could've achieved the same effect while being a more pleasant experience. Strangely the layout has a much better effect on lower resolutions like 800x600, and 1024x768, but the layout doesn't scale up in resolution very well. So unless someone is viewing the page from an older computer or an ipad, it'll probably cause problems for them. As for the zoom, in my Chrome browser, the zoom picture isn't as close as it's shown in your picture. 



Monitor resolution: 1920x1080

Browser: Chrome - Version 29.0.1547.76 m


Anyways, sorry to derail the thread, just wanted to give a bit of healthy feedback on the new site. 

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Brooks Brothers F&F through Monday. Automatically applied in cart. Works on Black Fleece.

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TBH honest I like their new layout a lot. There is room for improvement but the idea/even execution are nice.
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It is a lot better than it was before. But it needs product angles from different angles. And an option to sort by size would be nice. ie. you could group different suit sizes into a sidebar category for xs (34 suit, shoe size 6 to 7, waist size 28), s (36 to 38shoe size 7.5 to 8.5, waist size 30 to 32), m, etc. Yoox and FarFetch do something similar.

Currently, there is no way to know if the item is available in your size until you go to the product page. A lot of time is wasted trying to find an item that fits.


You should probably move the account, cart, and search columns into a header. Everything below the search bar (current location) is expected to be in the footer. When you put everything into the sidebar, it takes too much vertical space and its not good to have everything in the same spot.

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Any idea when the next unionmade sale is expected?
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Originally Posted by canstyleace View Post

Any idea when the next unionmade sale is expected?

Late January and mid June.
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Too long to wait it out, guess I'll have to jump asap (sadly at retail)
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Yeah their sales are good but they move a lot of stuff at retail so it's a bi of gamble really, of you're set on something.
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Originally Posted by oboy_oboy View Post

Late January and mid June.


No Thanksgiving sale?

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Originally Posted by XFactor View Post

Macy's Suit Sale - 

Any of these any good at the prices?

Shame on you for recommending suits from Macy's. Macy's suits are never a good buy, even on sale.
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Some gitman pattern shirts on sale with sizes ~$75
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