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don't tangle with RL, check santoni
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My post got held for 24 hours because I'm a new user. There were 4+ sizes available for each when it was posted.

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Haaaaa, that's awesome
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Yea I don't remember seeing the post. I could've used a pair of dress shoes
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Probably because he posted a bunch of links in the post.
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We've just launched the webstore for naturally suited.




Huge selection of Belvest sport coats and suits (mostly 40r) for $319+

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Our Edward Green sale models.  Some come in more than one color.

Walcot Ewardian Antique 888 last 5.5, 6.5, 7.5F

Lichfield Chestnut Antique 82 last 6.5E

Welland Burgundy Antique 888 last 6, 6.5, 7F

Albert 389 last Black velvet 5.5, 8.5E

                      Olive velvet 5.5, 9E

                      Burgundy velvet 5.5, 9E

                      Navy velvet 9

Midford Black 82 last 5.5, 8E

Cardiff Burnt Pine Antique 606 last 5.5F

Picadilly mink suede 184 last 6.5F

Picadilly burnt pine/beige twill 184 last 5.5F

Malvern Dark Oak Antique 82 last 6.5, 8E

Malvern Chestnut/Beige Twill spectator 202 last 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 9

Please pm me with questions on prices and shipping.

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Awesome pieces... Mostly 70% off... kop before I do...

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Creatures of Comfort 70% off


Not that much interesting, but maybe some folks will find something here or there.
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Yoox Sample sale is on. 10% with SAMPLE10

Also select items 20% for Yoox week.
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Worth noting that, as usual, the sample sale is all final sale.

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very interesting. anyone know what it's been like in the past?
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