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Originally Posted by Totakeke View Post

Just an update on these bunch of jokers. I called them myself to try to verify what is going on on Tuesday, they said they'll check on it and call me back on Wednesday, which they never did. And then I called back on Thursday, "Amantha" said her manager "Jerome" was away for the day and unfortunately can't give me any details on what is going on and "promised" to give me a response (I asked for an email) before today and of course nothing happened again. I wrote emails to the original person "Brittany" that sent me those emails and I don't get a response either for a few days either.

Now I'm calling back again and no one is picking up my calls.

They still haven't refunded me my money either.

They refunded my money now, which makes me lose 20usd in the process along with many emails and phone call charges, and still they haven't resolved my issue. The manager is absolutely trash. He has problems calling my phone (after he tried sooo many times), and I only get his email replies when I ask him wtf is going on (everytime else it disappears into my spam folder or something [bullshit]). And only today he says he's going to check the store if they still have stock after 2 weeks ago saying that he would send me a replacement.

I wish I could be civil, but this guy is obviously just fucking with me. Anyone has any idea to escalate this up further the chain at farfetch? Their website doesn't have much contact information.
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They have no incentive to help you because you'll never shop there again and your posts on the internet (and likely your emails) are those of a raving madman. Fortunately for them your posts on the internet are those of a raving madman so no one is likely to pay any attention to you anyway.
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If Totakeke is your idea of a "raving madman" you really haven't spent enough time here.
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Seriously. If they thought that way then they should just stop responding instead then if they don't give a shit. Why keep replying for? They already called me a fraud, never apologized for that, never resolved my issues for more than a month, keep delaying by giving petty excuses and I'm supposed to still be civil to the same exact person? If they give me a new person I'll be civil.
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just file a charge back and move on
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Yeah, you're probably right. I need to ask if I get refunded transaction charges if I do that. Because otherwise it makes no difference than right now.
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This is all for $20?
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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

This is all for $20?


For a man's pride is worth more than all the Andrew Jacksons in the world.

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No, tons of empty promises and lack of action. If they say they're not going to do anything about it four weeks ago then that's it right? They're shit and shit happens. Now I've wasted all that time and nothing much changed.
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Charge backs should refund transaction charges (foreign transaction fee?)
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Yeah, should be mostly foreign transaction fees.
Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Okay, whatever dude.
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Thanks but we didn't really need an update and 15 posts.
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You're welcome jet.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

Thanks but we didn't really need an update and 15 posts.


i actually don't mind Totakeke's updates.  it may be hard for you to relate, jet, but some of us may still be curious about what is happening to him. 


in addition, this is a place that serves as many people's sounding board.  maybe totakeke just wanted a sympathetic ear (sounds corny i know) but maybe he just wanted to hear what other fellow SF'ers have to say to help him (a bit more likely scenario).


if you don't want to read his updates, just simply move your eye balls down to the next post. it's not like there are no other rubbish posts on this forum.


a little bit of tolerance/sympathy goes a long way...

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