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that blow dryer step will slow down your waxing regimen
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Otter Wax made all of my clothing smell like playdoh...

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It likely only works on certain types of fabric.

It made my jeans sticky like someone had spilled coke all over it and didn't give it any sheen. It does smell but I don't mind it. Fortunately, it sort of does wash off.
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Aside from the one two post above me, any reviews for Otter Wax? I've been wanting to wax a jacket of mine for a while now and with 30% off and free shipping...

*edit* Ehh, decided to give it a go.
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My long review/advice (Click to show)
I've had a pretty stupid time with using Otter Wax on this bag I made, but I think it's my fault. Wax is just not an easy thing to work with when untrained and in unideal conditions.

Otter says to apply the wax, and then use a blow dryer and to work the wax into the fabric while it's hot. I tried this once on this bag, but I hadn't put on enough wax. Also I think I didn't use enough heat. You can't just point a blow dryer at a spot for a few second and then rub and move on like I did; I think you need to do it a few times. My bag was a. not particularly waterproof, b. pretty streaky, and c. still a little sticky.

So then, having left the house where there was a blow dryer I could use, I put more wax on the bag and then put the bag in the oven while it warmed up to get the wax to melt into the fabric a little better. Obviously, I couldn't rub it while it was in the oven, but when I pulled it out of the oven, the bag pretty much did not look waxed at all, which is weird, because I'd put a lot of wax on this time. I think I actually made the wax burn up or something. There's a spot or two on the bag that look legitimately waxed, and they don't feel waxy now. So the bag is now 5% waxed.

But thecow is right, and I hadn't realized before--Otter Wax does smell like Play Doh. I don't mind though. Don't know how it's gonna make all your clothes smell like wax unless you wax everything you own.

My short advice: Do it, but keep in mind DIY is always an experiment and often an adventure. If you apply wax and your garment isn't waterproof, apply more; if it's sticky, do more of the blowdryer+rubbing step. Don't use an oven.
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I have a waxed coat - Millerain material - and it's basically a lint magnet. It looks horrible. Is that how all waxed stuff acts?
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Originally Posted by boned View Post

Any choice upcoming sales for the holiday weekend?

Some designer outlet stores have holiday-specific sales.
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barneys warehouse drops today

30% off men's dress shirts/button downs and accessories
blue star merchandise now 85% off - total steals for the little stuff that's left.

the email said this was the last weekend of the sale(not sure if the past years said the same even though they were eventually extended). shocked there was only one price drop so far
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20% sale items at Maas and stacks code: SS13LASTCHANCE
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LABORDAY20 at Haberdash, valid for Aldens.

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Odd...shipping shows up as $25 regardless of whether you pick first-class or priority.
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There is also a handling fee. I've bought there before and it wasnt there/
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The website is a mess, what a joke of a shop. Since inception the store has been such a headache
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