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It's much better to be frank about your disappointment, but suggest feasible alternatives. It's pretty clear that you are not going to get your jacket for $180. Maybe your fallback position is to get a coupon on something in season, in addition to the jacket for $300. The margins for in season goods are much higher, and you are more likely to get leeway. And never demand it, even if you feel entitled to it. Phrase it as asking for a favor. Here is an example:

"I really wanted those boots, and $180 sounded like a great deal. I guess that it was too good to be true. Unfortunately, $300, even though a very good price, is outside the pricerange for me right now. Had I known that there was an error in the pricing beforehand, I would have bought something else, such as the SNS Herning sweaters that were on sale for $120. Do you have any of those left? Would it be possible to get a coupon (maybe 25%) towards a future order? Thanks for understanding my situation. Yours, noob."

That sort of conciliatory attitude will get you a lot further. Attacking people invariably gets them on the defensive, and you'll probably not get anywhere.

amen...people that attempt to get what they want via force/strength baffle me.

ASK them to give you what you want, even better if you give them an option or two--you'd be surprised how much better the result will be when asking versus demanding, using an otherwise identically worded missive.
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Does anyone know of current or upcoming sales (annual or otherwise) where I can get a decent dress shirt and slacks for a good price? It will be for a business casual job interview.
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I had a really good experience with Mohawk over yesterday and today. Fairly long read, so TLDR: Mohawk honored their error sale prices for me after spending a bunch of time searching the store for the items I wanted.

I was a little late to see the sweaters online as most sold out except for the purple. But when I tried to check out, it said that there was only one left, so I had to reduce my cart quantity by one (even though I only had one). It ran a loop and eventually just couldn't check out. So I called in store to see if they had it in stock as well as the EG fair isle tie. I called the general store who transferred me downstairs, who then told me I had to call the men's store. That was the only "bad" part of my experience. The lady who picked up in the men's store took my name as she was currently busy helping another customer. The guy who called me back searched high and low through the store looking for the sweater and ties for me. He took my name to give to their web store manager to email me regarding the purchases as there was some discrepancy over sale prices being online only but EG was phone order only. I didn't get the email yesterday, so I called in about 15 minutes ago asking if there was a problem with my email or anything. 10 minutes later, I get an email from them apologizing for the delay because of the technical errors on the sale pricing causing tons of orders recently. She agreed to honor the sale price on the SNS Herning for $36 and EG tie for $22. I just replied back with my Paypal and shipping address and hoping to get an invoice soon.
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^ I had a similar experience. Web Store Manager was exceedingly polite and helpful given that their store was losing $ left and right over these online errors.
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I didn't have any issues with that Mohawk sale yesterday.  I picked up the triple blue v-neck version SNS sweater and paid via paypal at the $36 + shipping price and apparently it shipped out last night.  :)  

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BACKINSTYLE13 for 15% off Fall/Winter at the corner
YOOXLEVEL13 for 5/10/15% off 1/2/3 items from Fall/Winter
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Billykirk has a load of markdowns on.
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Any choice upcoming sales for the holiday weekend?
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no, only appliance stores and hardware stores have sales like that
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Where to cop kenmore's workwear line?
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Any sales happening this weekend at SF? I'm visiting for the next few days. Would be nice to have a heads up on where to go.

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Probably not, but there are cool stores to check out. Archive isn't open on Sundays FYI.
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Anybody looking to do any DIY waxing, Otter Wax has a Labor Day 30% off code: LABORDAY30 valid today through the 2nd on their site
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Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

Anybody looking to do any DIY waxing, Otter Wax has a Labor Day 30% off code: LABORDAY30 valid today through the 2nd on their site

I had to read that twice before I understood what you meant ...
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