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by the way, those who got raw jeans from Siki Im may want to give them a soak. i got the black raws recently and they were very, i dunno, unprocessed. basically they still smelled strongly of dye. a quick soak helped
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^The indigos are fine.


Hickoree's was good for jackets and TONS of Hill-Side but otherwise pretty underwhelming. No Left Field denim. Although there was a pair of the Tender Co Woad jeans in size 3 for $100.


Didn't even bother with OC.

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All of a sudden only a few styles of OSB are available on HW Carter. I think they screwed up and made their entire OSB line available for a little while. They will probably be more careful with the next flash sale.
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Originally Posted by Irish View Post

This was a hell of a thing, thanks for posting.  Won't find a better deal on OSB than this.  I nabbed a pair of cordovan loafers for $230--and I thought they were priced low to begin with.  Again, thanks.  

Were they actually shell or no? Saw them and they look shellish but description said CXL
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Were they actually shell or no? Saw them and they look shellish but description said CXL


According to OSB right here on Styleforum, yes, they are. 

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Dang... HW Carter doesn't ship to Canada...

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Mohawk 30% off

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MAAS & Stacks - first set of SS13 markdowns for the earlier arrivals of the season, which includes:

Robert Geller
Patrik Ervell
Band of Outsiders
White Mountaineering

30% OFF
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Up to 50% off at Cultizm.

I picked up a pair of Buttero chukka sneakers. If you want sneakers, and the leather is your focus, you can't do better than Buttero, unless maybe if you go to the Ann Demeulemeester range.
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^ very nice. I've been considering grabbing a pair for a while now. How's the fit size wise? Could you compare to the usual suspects.... CP, MMM, Lanvin, Chucks etc.?
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I think the consensus is sizing down one (roughly the equivalent of CP).
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Buttero are on the same sole as CP. Note, it's the same sole as used on the Tournament Low and Achilles, not the Summer Perforated which uses a thinner sole.


Also important to note is that they are a very narrow shoe. So while I agree with sizing down on some models, I don't think it is applied across the board if you have a wide foot.


As an example for me;


Alden 8.5D

Nike 9

CP (Tournament Low Suede) 41 (8)

CP (Chukka) 42 (9) - these are a little long, but any smaller and they would be too narrow


I've only ever bought one pair of Achilles and I had to return them. They were a size 41 and tore my heel up. 


I put this down to the fact that they are padded considerably and the Tournament Low/Chukka are not padded.




With the referral earlier from LA guy to the Cultizm sale, I just snapped up these in 41.5.




As they're also not padded, I expect they should fit nicely in a half size. Awesome for $170 AUD landed.

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the buttero soles have more room in the toe area because it does not taper off as hard a s the cps, you can size down 0.5 from your cp size if you can't find your cp size, but cp size would be fine too
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

the pics looks goo though. also, in the video, the boots show no signs of defects
+1. the video is fantastic
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I wear the same size as in CPs, and find Butteros extremely comfortable. That said, by feet are so beat up from decades (holy cow, literally now), of running, both short and long distance, backcountry hiking, and kickboxing, that seriously, unless my toes are actually ramming up against the shoe, or squeezing so hard on my wider than usual forefoot that they actually start to go numb, I find shoes reasonably comfortable.
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