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7 folds for like $27. great deals.
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Haha, yeah, that's true.

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10% off at thecorner s/s stuff, some exceptions - TCWEEKENDSS13

Free shipping at matches, full-price items - FREEUS
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Originally Posted by Regg View Post

They are getting slammed. Usually it's not this slow.
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Reminds me of latest Norse Store flash sale. I wonder how many of you were refunded for some items afterwards: because I was. 

Also Coupon code "HALFSIES" is not valid.

UPD: coupon was applied, but their initial 50% off sale has gone. Too bad.

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knottery site wouldn't load earlier, but the code just worked on two grenadines for me, don't know if that's a glitch or part of the deal.

it may show full price while you are entering your CC info, but it shows the discount before when you first enter the code in your cart, and after when ready to hit the final go/continue/hook me up button.
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Too bad The Knottery only offers ties in 2.5 and 3 inch widths. If they made 3.5s, I'd definitely spring for some, especially with the 50% off code.
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picked up a nice wool tie for $12 lol.
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^what's the coupon code with the knottery?

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From another thread:
Originally Posted by Hanger View Post started the last Stephan Schneider

AW12 SALE -60%

before launching the NEW SS13. 

Code is


The VAT 24% is deducted.
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ahh Damn who got the sweater in a small
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Not sure if this belongs more in CM, but since I've gotten a lot out of this thread, I thought I'd post this here too, in case anyone is interested

LeatherSoul is having a sale on sample model Saint Crispin's plus factory seconds. Prices mostly range from 900 to 1000, though the Venetian loafers were 500. Here's a sampling of what they have that would fit a US 9D. Contact LeatherSoul for more models in your specific size. (Justin over there is handling these orders, so ask for him)
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That austerity brogue nod[1].gif
post #26295 of 51550 is having an "Up to 80%" off sale. Pretty good prices on a few items.

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