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thanks for the heads up 

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mistake post x 2

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To save some time (you can go through again, I'm sure I missed some stuff)

Note, sales are final
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I already placed an order for that plokhov bomber but have no idea if it went through... got charged on my CC but no email confirmation.

Would also cop some of that Ann D but short on funds. Some RO/drkshdw basics on there as well if its in your size.
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anyone know how those F+B combat boots fit?

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1 size big so size down
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Was about to snag the C&J Weymouth in 11 (handgrades) but I really dont need any more work shoes - someone kop.
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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, but I did a search and couldn't find a thread with an answer. There's a couple Maison Martin shirts on the barney's warehouse site that I'm interested in, but couldn't (with confidence) figure out what the equivalent to a size medium would be, a size 38 or 40. Normally I'd buy both and just return the other one, but all purchases are final sale so that eliminates that option.

Thanks in advance.
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jeez, launched at midnight? didn't expect that. time to browse hard
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If someone is ordering from Barney's Warehouse and could proxy one shirt for me to Canada I'd appreciate it. It's just not worth it with the shipping and estimated taxes they put on.
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Double post
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In the summer, the website launched on 8/2 and prices dropped 8/10 and again on 8/20, maybe another drop somewhere in there too. Doesn't seem there's enough time between now and the physical sale for much of a reduction. Could this be it, considering it's a permanent website now?
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it's like the same crap that was already on sale...
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x For Orlebar Bulldogs check out as they are going for around 90 US after you take an extra20 off using their sale code.  They still have a bunch of sizes and colors, and a few towels left.  Shipping isn't that much I don't think but if you pile up and get about a certain amount it is free.

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