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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Your region is tied to your account. Why would you change it?
No it's tied to your session. I just changed because it seemed like non-US had the problems. Change back from US and the codes does not work again. Please stop insisting all of us are doing something wrong. Also sorry to clutter the sales with TBS issues. Last post.
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Friend code gone.
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Went to pick up a wallet from ln-cc and none of the codes they emailed me 1~2 weeks ago work anymore. Bummer.

What are some items people are excited about on TBS? I always look but never buy, just curious smile.gif Thought the weaved nike free runs looked nice but it was not at a good price.
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Code woks and its fantastic
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for the tbs code.. what are the items that are excluded?

and my code doesnt seem to be working. frown.gif
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seems to be usa only... Canada doesn't work
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Definitely kopped some stuff on agent provocateur. Thanks for the heads up. Expecting a strong ROI.
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^ lol jet. Hard to see the humor in this for us international plebs, but that made me laugh. Ambivalence: guessing you are not US? Maybe we should continue this in the tbs thread http://www.styleforum.net/t/103988/tres-bien-shop/
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Jet, how do you like the Paragon Shawl? I know you got one...
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I got one and its dope as fuck, gets more compliments than my schneider.

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Digging the Gene Coat Dark Navy from tbs too bad it's all polyester.
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Fuark none of my codes work, and they removed paypal as a payment option.

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Hm code worked and paid with PayPal
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